Sick/Vacation Accrual and Payroll

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    I was out on disability from 4/18-5/19. How are each of these accrued? I remember when I was bottom guy and worked a few days a month, the vacation days were based on how many you worked, but sick and personal days were strictly by years of service, so I'd get all of those regardless.

    I was never paid for last year's unused personal days, didn't get any new ones or sick or personal. Went back to work in May of this year, failed my DOT physical. Found another that passed me, but the center manager says it has to be from a UPS approved doctor.

    They want me to work preload until I get the DOT done again, I said sure but after I burn my vacation which as of today says 16.8 days.

    Talked to the center manager a bit ago, and said payroll said I have 4 days of vacation. I asked her for the number for payroll to verify and she said I can't call them, only they can email them. I just want to know what's up directly not 2nd hand. So we really can't talk to payroll or HR?
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    You should absolutely have a number for HR. How’d you go out on disability without talking to them?
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    Why were you out so long? And why are you failing your DOT? They pass anybody and everybody.
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    Not anymore.
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    They will put you on disability without contacting hrsc