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    I have something that really gets under my skin over the last year. That is the demanding of rights by those that have not paid the price for those rights.

    Take for example the signs that the bike clubs have erected on many of our state routes. The sign says the bikers have a "right" to that road.

    Well lemme see. I have a car. The road was built for me to use the car on. I pay taxes to keep that road in good condition via tags and gas taxes. That assures me that the roads will be in good shape for me to use tomorrow.

    Now, the bike rider pays no tag tax, no fuel taxes, nothing. Not only that, but in many cases he poses a threat to themselves and motorists by being only able to go 5-15 MPH, rides all over the lane in manner such as would get you pulled over if you were driving a car that way. They also seem to ride in packs that make them almost impossible to pass safely.

    So what gives them the right to "hog" the road way while myself, who has paid for that right via taxes, has to submit to their pace on that road.

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    In our community, we have "bike lanes". That really helps a lot to keep the bicycles over towards the curb. At intersections the bike lane line goes from solid white to broken white line........for cars to make a right turn at the next street.
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    Now, the bike rider pays no tag tax, no fuel taxes, nothing.

    You're assuming that the person on the bike doesn't own a car as well, which I suspect is actually quite rare.

    I think Moreluck is on the right track, I don't see any reason why the roads can't be configured for both cars AND bikes to use safely.
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    That would help here, but they dont. And most of the roads the designate as bike trails are heavily traveled two lane state routes that have a lot of blind hills and curves in them, and for the most part are very narrow anyway. Speed limits are 35-55 for most of these routes, so someone going 5-15 pose a real safety problem. Then take the swerving in the lane of travel to where the driver behind them does not know what the bike rider is doing or thinking of doing.......

    But then when you have a car hit a cyclist, it's seems to always the drivers fault?

    Then let him take the car out on the road.

    As for bike lanes, that is nice, but who is going to pay for the lanes, the bike riders who use them? Nope, they want everybody to pay for the bike lanes so they can use them. If they had to pay for the construction of bike lanes themselves.......

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    Just back from an extended cruise and thought I would join the conversation.

    It always has irked me that I cannot drive a small motorized vehicle, golf cart etc., on any road in Florida that has a posted speed limit of above 35 mph. Yet bicycles can ride on these roadways even if they are totally UNSAFE for a biker and cause traffic back-ups..

    [evil]They hold up traffic to an extreme on weekends in my area. [/evil]
    I feel all bicycles should be licensed and the riders would then pay something for the use of the roads. This would apply to adults (18 or over) only. That would also make regulation of those drivers much easier.
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    Susie, you da man......well you know what I mean!:thumbup1:

    Now, I would think that this says that if you ride on a road, you need to stay as far as possible to the right side of the road. But if the road is too narrow or it would make it unsafe to ride next to the side, you can just take over the whole lane.

    The vast majority of the "bike paths" roads have lanes that are only 8 feet wide, not allowing for both a car and a bike to be along side each other without the one being over the yellow line.

    And that is the rub.

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    In my area there`s a busy road that is all commercial businesses.
    There is angle parking for cars,and a bicycle lane (2 white lines).
    There are no back doors to deliver to,so all deliveries must be made
    through the front door.I`ve had a few run ins with disgruntled bikers
    when I occasionally have to block their lane.One was a screaming match
    ending up in a code 14.This guy was weaving in and out of traffic,ignoring
    traffic lights and being a real jerk.I`m usually tolerant but this dude just
    rubbed me the wrong way.My sup told me not to worry about it.
    I agree that they should have to be licenced .