slap tear.

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  1. rowan

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    So a while back i created a thread about my shoulder injury. Long story short did everything I could to avoid surgery. But as of Tuesday I had the surgery to repair a labrum tear. Just wondering if anyone else has had the surgery. So far it hurts crazy bad. Sounds like it can take up to 12months to recover.
  2. Future

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    No idea, but with all injuries just relax and let it recover fully. Dont try to rush yourself back into action you will regret it in the long run. Enjoy your time off(as much as you can) a steady supply of Hops and rest will ease the pain. Good luck on your recovery!
  3. brostalss

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    Shoulder surgeries take forever to recover and usually the most painful. Make sure the Doc gives you LOTS of Vicodin.
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    A buddy just came back from the same surgery. He was out 9 months. Positive mind set and get off the pain pills asap, as it hinders your body from healing.
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    Glad he made it back gives me hope.