Son is a new hire PT, when does he get medical?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hc3, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. hc3

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    He just started; however, he really did not get a lot if information. He told me that he gets medical six months and one day after he starts. Is this correct. If it is I have to pay to get him coverage until then and it is costly. Will they also cover his girlfriend and kids (identical twins on the way) at this point? Thanks for your help.
  2. opie

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    It depends where he lives, it may differ in different parts of the country. But where I am, it is six months to receive your benefits. The insurance probably won't cover his girlfriend, only his children. He probably has to marry his girlfriend so that she could get covered.
  3. Joopster

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    I forget how long it takes to get the coverage...It will cover his twins i believe but not his girlfriend...any dependants he has...just have him ask....
  4. hc3

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    Richmond VA is the hub. Thanks for the reply!
  5. driverfollowup

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    Hc3, If i remember correctly, He will be eligible for benefits 60 to 90 days after gaining his senority. This will be sufficient time for processing paperwork and proper documentation. As for his girlfriend, they will have to be legally married in order for her to gain coverage, but any children(dependents) will be excepted into his medical plan.
  6. over9five

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    Why won't he marry the mother of his children? What kind of son did you raise?
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    In my area the medical kicks in the first of the month after you gain seniority. So if he gains seniority in August he'd be able to get medical starting September 1st. Just an FYI the paperwork will be late so but it will be retroactive to the 1st. I got my paper work halfway through the month I was eligible.

    Have your son sign up here. . .many of us would love to met him!
  8. hc3

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    A 22 year old that works two jobs 5-6 days a week, who quit Va Tech to do the right thing and provide for her and the kids that are on the way. I think they will get married, I don't plan on making them do it. What kind of Dad are you? I am the kind of Dad that is there to support him and more importantly make sure these kids have anything they need. Lucky for them I can make it happen, but my son is giving 150% to do the right thing not crying to Dad and Mom to make it all go away. When he asked my opinion, (not me telling him), I agreed that if he is going to get married, do it because you are 100% commited, not because others may expect you to do it. By the way I have been married and still in love with the mother of my 4 kids for over 27 years, how about you and the kids you raised? Your location is North New England is that code for same sex marriages?
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    what a stupid question!
  10. brett636

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    at my hub it is 30 working days to get your health, and six months to get your dental and vision.
  11. CTOTH

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    Not everyone up here is gay. Nonetheless, that was funny. Here we are eligable for benefits after 200 working hours.
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    A more important question might be:

    Has your son figured out what causes babies?
  13. Adino

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    At the Roanoke hub it was 5 months to get the full package.
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    Ouch you guys are brutal.
  15. over9five

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    "I have been married and still in love with the mother of my 4 kids for over 27 years"

    Too bad you didn't pass that great ethic to your son. You should talk to him. Get him to do the right thing.

    Too late for that condom talk that you should have had, I guess....
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    CTOTH, is that a deer humping a poodle?
  17. Working4TheBene's

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    I think the medical portion starts after you payoff the initiation fees. Usually 4 months. Then it takes a couple more months to get dental. Hope this helps. And good luck to your son.
  18. FightAholes

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    Good Grief, all the guy asked was a couple of questions about benefits. I thought it was only the management that were inconsiderate a$$es.

    HC3 -- your kid does not work for the Teamsters, he works for UPS -- I just say this because the Teamsters think they own UPS. Have him go to work a little early, or stay a little late, and visit his Human Resources(HR) office. Somebody might be around at night, if not, they are usually in the building a couple times during his sort.

    If the HR office is closed, have him ask his Part-Time or Full-Time supervisor for information. They will, undoubtedly, not have an answer, but he can request that they reach out to HR for the answer. It is not that hard to get this information, he just has to ask -- because nobody volunteers this stuff.

    If this fails, have him call the building during the day and politely ask for Human Resources. They can tell him over the phone everything he needs.

    Again, HC3, it was my experience that only the management were jerks, not the hourly, but from this post, things are a changing.
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