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    I had a delivery to a doctors office on Wednesday, they were three huge friggen boxes, about the size of a half of a refrigerator. Not all that heavy but bulky and awkward. I wrestle these three God forsaken pieces of s--t off my truck (of course the loaders put them under my 4000 shelf and just piled a bunch of other s--t on top of them.) All the time these Indians in the doctors office are watching me do this. I get two on my hand truck, because that's all that would fit. I wrestled them through the front door (they bearley fit.) Through the waiting room door. then the doctor says (whilst waving his hand at me as if he wanted me to go away.) "Oh, Hee haz du dake those bogzez du thee other office eeen soudh plainfield." I said "uuuhhh excuse me??" "Yezz, yezz, Jupjeet heer weel get eeen her car and you gahn follow her du thee other office." I said "sorry doc, we don't do that." He looks me in the eye and says "you hav do-do whad I say." I said "okay no problem." I sheeted them refused and haven't seen them since....
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    Awesome Hedley! I love it. :happy-very:
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    So you ended up having to load them back on your truck then take them off again later to give them to the clerk? Damn!
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    You attempted to deliver them to the address that was on the package, thats all you can do. If the doctor wanted them somewhere else, whoever ordered the merchandise in the first place should have had it sent to the correct address. I guess you could have done an address correction and charged the shipper, but thats not fair to them. Either way, the shipper will get hit with extra charges.

    I'm not too impressed with most doctors anyway, they are usually wrong about a lot of things. Too bad they don't offer a money back guarantee on their services.
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    The nerve of some people. Be they doctors or just regular folks. They think they are the only important customer we have. I am not as brave as you, I wouldn't have RTS them without explaining that they either recieved them there or we could re-attempt the next day at the other address. I tend to be too nice sometimes. It has bit me on the backside on occasion.
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    But they do. The problem is that nobody has been able to come back to collect it from the other side
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    Only thing better is if you had've went next door for a signature, said the place was open and get someone else to sign for them...ooooooh well, guess they're stuck there now doc ;)
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    the part I like is that they wait for him to get the crap into the building before the doc tells him to deliver somewhere else.
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    i deliver to a convention center in boston. there was a show coming up and i had information that said the show was on a certain day, so every box i got before that day i had to future for that date. so the day comes and i bring the 30 boxes to the convention center, and the guy there from the exhibition company says "oh we are here today but arent accepting boxes til tomorrow" , so im thinking what the hell and bring the boxes back to my building and unload them cause they were in my way. The next day i go back with 50 boxes and a different guy says " we arent accepting packages yet today." so i finally had it and said "well if you arent gonna accept the packages im sending them back and marking them as refused because someone told me i could deliver today" the guy says deliver them tomorrow" and i said as i was walking away "im sending them back to the senders, you are gonna have alot of :censored2: off customers missing their packages" as i was walking away the guy says "alright i can find somewhere to put them" and he accepted them

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I'm from a different school of thought. I just want to get rid of the box. It depends how far down the road it was. I would've sheeted it that way too but cleaning out the truck completely is a priority for me before pick ups start. Can't stand even one un-delivered package.
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    I agree with you on that (getting everything del), but there has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere. :peaceful:
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    I think my cat found it.
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    Did the cat pile up the sand on the line?
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    I have done the very same thing...

    Don't argue, don't ask, don't even bat an eye.


    Have a nice day.

    Well played.
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    I don't know how far South Plainfield is from your location so don't know if his request was reasonable or not, but the fair thing to do would have been to bring them back to the center, have them ADC, and let the doctor and the shipper fight over the extra charges. I have a bicycle shop that has a store on my area and a store in Lake Placid, which is about an hour away. Every once in a while something will come in that "should have" gone to the Placid store. I just bring it back, they do an ADC, and it is in Placid the following day. This store tips me very well at Christmas so I do what I can to take care of them but would have done the same had there been a lump of coal in my stocking.

    The only problem with doing it the "right" way is that if you do it once it is a favor but it sounds like this doctor would come to expect it every time thereafter so Hedley may have solved this problem before it became one.
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    You should have told him that you can have the packages or I can address correct them and it going to cost you $10 a package.

    I have had that happen when I go to banks they tell me oh that suppose to go to the main branch. I say sorry but it's address to this address if you like I can address correct it but it going to cost someone $10 and they'll get it tomorrow. Usually that enough to ge them to take the package
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    Once I had half a pkg. car full of folding chairs to deliver to the local post office. They were shoved in the back of the car when I left the building. I got them all unloaded while the P.O. employees watched my struggle. When I was finished unloading the Postmaster said they wanted to rufuse all the pkgs. If only I had a gun. By the way, this was about 20 years ago. I deliver to a small P.O. now and they are helpful as well as nice.
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    That happened after the strike in 97 (?), I think it was 97, anyways, a driver was making a stop to a cleaning company, really heavy boxes of cleaning fluid, supplies, etc., and as I heard it the receiver was a huge union hater and he waited til' the driver brought everything in before he refused it. Not much the driver can do but I remember him telling me that he eventually got him back.
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    Some people truly think that for thier 2 minute interaction with the UPS guy that they have a personal servant. In my years I have had many incounters with :censored2: customers and every time I take great joy in telling them for this delivery Im actually serviceing the shipper and not them. Generally half way through explaining to them why Im sheeting as refused they quickly sign and we part ways. Honestly though this kind of crap generally disapears when you get your own route. As a cover driver evrybody tries to walk all over you, and depending on your cup size I either allowed it or not.