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    So you waitedbecause you didnt want to work for less, but youre cool with the nw language that will let others work for less.
    And actually you did end up working for less, because as a seniority cover driver you would have started out at a higher rate of pay as a driver, you had to go through progression and work your way up to that rate.
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    Your contraction is fascinating.
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    I dont know you or your circumstances, so if you are referring to me contracting your descisions over years of your life to a couple lines of text, I can only base my comments on the information provided by you. But as a person who didnt want to work for less, i would think, you wouldnt want others to work for less either. If your arguement is that everyone is not the same and cover driver or 22.4 may be good for some people, i would say that neither should have been an option for anyone to begin with.
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    Look, what don't you understand???

    He's trying to sell a contract here....and you aren't helping.
    Simple as that.

    If you really want to see him flip out, ask him about the sorry shape his Local is in financially.:raspberry-tounge:
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    Sssshhhh!!! Silent Bang might hear you! :)
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    HA HA Clever!
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    I see you still don't know how to read a LM-2. We are in the green genius.
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    That's not how I "red" it.
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    Black or red. Genius.
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    Oh, that's just good.
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    Because if they bump 25 year pension, the pension fund will dry up.

    A 25 yr UPSer could potentially retire at 46, go get another job and draw from that pension for 40 yrs!! Drawing for 40 yrs and only contributed 25 = pension bankruptcy
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    Driver 36.21
    TCD = 85% of driver pay
  13. Just A UPS Guy

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    75% in some areas.
  14. Active Member

    You know the value of a pension per hour?
  15. Active Member

    So a 22.4 would actually increase the rate of a TCD. Tcd’s Will basically be eliminated. 95% of drivers will be full time. I see this as a good thing.

    And these combo employees will be protected from going to their inside rate (like a ft pkg driver would if they don’t get a driver punch in a week) so they would maintain their higher rate of pay.

    Getting $30/hr doing preload???? Sounds good to me.

    Of course, most on here are taking the extreme and saying these guys would never work inside. But in my building, I don’t see how they could only drive being that out FT pkg drivers now aren’t even all being utilized. You would need to get all those double shifting to drive before you could put a 22.4 on road.

    I see all the leaders urging a vote no as politically motivated so they can be move up the ranks of the ibt.

    I could be wrong but I don’t think this contract is as bad as everyone is saying.

    We haven’t lost anything and we’ve been strengthened in some areas. Would like 9.5 stronger. But I won’t be forced to work Saturdays now.
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    You mean that it would get worst..

    .70 GWI = 28 dollars a week before taxes. (full time)
    14 dollars a week before taxes. (part time)

    .50 H/W = 20 dollars a week increase

    .50 Pension = 20 dollars a week increase. (maybe)

    If the rider gets in and the master fails do you really believe that they will want to start all over again with the supplements. In general members do not like to be threatened by their own union representatives, again we are paying them to provide the best contract possible. It will not be taken lightly if they start to bully their membership, it barely worked the last time and it will not work this time.

    In teamcare currently they are in surplus with their funding, those benefit should be getting better.

    In the UPS/IBT pension..a (defined benefit plan).Look it up..the company only has to contribute enough monetary contributions to cover the promised benefits ANNUALLY. The question should be asked if the IBT/UPS Pension fund is being paid the same as most of the (monetary contribution plans) like the West...Look it up.

    So that .50 per hour increase in pension might not apply to any of the defined benefit plans that are under control of UPS, including the UPS Pension Plan for part timers in the Central.

    Again if we got the same benefits as the West I would vote "yes"..only a fool would. Those on you in the West would agree that the Central and Southern conferences will get little if any increases in their Pensions, and then wait till 1 January 2020 to get a 400 dollar increase. C'mon just look at the UPS/IBT pension formula and ask would you be willing to trade your benefits for those listed.
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    But somebody will be forced to work saturday....yes they have a choice to take the job or not, but if thats the only job that opens up, they have no choice but to take it if they want to move up the ladder, because you know all new RPCD will come from the 22.4 language because they will want to get some protections and get off the weekend work and as fellow full timers they will have seniority over part timers. So basically the only route to full time will now be through 22.4.
    Look I dont know whats going on in your building or your part of the country, I dont know if the economy didnt recover there like the rest of the U.S. or if people are just moving away or if UPS somehow overhired, but that is not the norm nationwide. Our building is the smallest in Central Florida district only 40 drivers, but we use 6 or 7 CD everyday. And they abuse them, the use them in ways that violate the contract, and theyve been doing it since the language was allowed almost 30years ago. So with these subtle language changes that dont seem like a big deal, the company is going to continue its abuse and twisting of the language to benefit themselves.
    They arent going to pay these guys $30 to work preload,(your building again is an exception right now) They are going to pay them to make sure no one gets overtime anymore. Tuesday through Friday these will be the bailout bi$*hes, and Saturday they will work to make Mondays volume lighter.
    And 22.4 isnt the only issue in this contract. This company made 6 billion per year in profit off our backs and also got a 16 billion tax refund from the tax refund, so a 2% raise is a slap in the face, a $400 bump that doesnt even go into effect until 2020 to only the highest years pension is a slap in the face. Wall street gave UPS high marks for the last contract in which we got very similar raises and that was during the recession. Now in a booming economy, we are going to accept these insultingly small increases??
    Our supplement hasnt eliminated TCD, so those people will have to go from TCD(which is considered a part time position) to 22.4 if they want to eventually make it to RPCD. Our building has already sent 6 P/T to school in anticipation of the contract passing so they can put them on. Our TCD will have the first crack at 22.4 and then they will fill from the P/T ranks from there.
    Your building if its as overstaffed as you say, wont see another RPCD for years, because once the volume increases, unless someone retires, they will just hire 22.4s to cover the increase. Theyve got 25% of your current driver list to hire 22.4s before they have to hire another RPCD.
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    Can't draw until age 57 at earliest. So you are saying every full timer that destroys his/her body bleeding brown for this company who that starts getting a pension at 57 will live to 97? Friend, get you some new material!
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    We have an 8 hour 5 consecutive day guarantee and getting an unlimited cap on retiree healthcare. The fitting phrase is “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”