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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Oct 28, 2008.

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    It seems the right wing machine has you all confused on a simple concept.

    Spreading the wealth does'nt mean the Obama administration is going to take money from ANY of you making less than 250K adjusted taxable income.

    If any of you here at UPS are making more than 250K then you will only pay more on any amount over 250K. 36 % to 39% on the diff.

    But, what you all are missing is why.

    This country is in a real mess. Look at UPS, the volume is dropping daily, customers are not spending money. Retail and online sales are disappearing and UPS is looking at laying off a ton of workers come January.

    Consumer confidence is at an all time low in 40 years.

    GW Bush, with his conservative leadership has run this country aground.

    With Bush "giving" billions in socialistic handouts to the banks and wall street, not a single change has occured in our economy.

    The stock market is still in the dumps, retailers are closing doors, industry are cutting jobs, inflation is rising fast and the unemployment rate is climbing to alltime highs in 20 years.

    Obama knows that the way to stimulate this economy is to get money into the pockets of the people who will SPEND that money in the stores, buying a car, buy a home or spend it in a restaurant.

    This spending will grow consumer confidence and spark the economy.

    So far, all the billions spent on wall street has'nt resulted in one dime being spent in a retail store or purchased one car.

    How bad does this economy have to get before you all realize that drastic action has to be taken to get this economy moving or "our" jobs are in jeopardy?

    The lower the volume = fewer UPS'ers.

    We as employees are affected by a slowing economy, we need to turn that around.

    George W. Bush has spent 8 years re-distributing wealth to the top 1% of americas society. Who do you think the BUSH administration took money from to pay wall street, the banks and investment banks???

    Thats right, from you.

    He redistributed the wealth from the average taxpayer and gave it to his friends (top 1%) to bail them out!!

    You all are cool with this???

    Obama sez, wait, that money belongs to the taxpayers, I will give it to them, and you all say "no way".

    You have been fooled into believing something that isnt true with the spreading the wealth comment.

    The right wing wants to distract you with a meaning that does'nt represent the truth.

    If we are to save our co-workers jobs and UPS's future, then we need to support a candidate who will affect this directly by putting money into the pockets of the very people who will spend it buying electronics, cars, homes, furniture or purchase online goods.

    This economy is in a recession and its depth will only be determined by goverment policy next year.

    McCain wants to give the top 1% a tax cut, but he has NO PLAN for you.

    How many people do you think can wait that long?

    Take a look around, another 2.5 million homes will go into foreclosure next year.

    Another 200K lost their jobs in October alone.

    We are almost at a million jobs lost this year.

    The American public cannot afford another 8 years of republican policies that dont work.

    What your seeing currently in the USA is the FINAL VERDICT on Bush policy.:wink2:
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    It seems to me that Sarah Palin is the advocate of socialism. Doesn't she redistribute the wealth in Alaska? I thought Alaska was part of the Union of The United States of America, shouldn't that wealth be distributed to each of us in America? Is there any other state that does this? Does Pennsylvania keep the revinues from coal? Does Texas do this?

    Seems Marist to me.

    Why does Sarah Palin hate America?
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    Did anyone see what I just saw. TOS just said that Bush ruined the country with his socialistic policies. the solution then is to elect another candidate who promises even more socialistic policies.

    ROFLMAO see if you can pull your foot out of your mouth on that one.
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    mccain's definition of middle class is anyone making less than 5 million, so he can say he serves the middle. I know alot, but absolutely noone making 5 million.

    obama says to joe, "hey, wouldn't you like a bigger tax break now, while your still growing, so your busiessess can grow faster, now". thats what is meant by spreading the wealth.
  5. Baba gounj

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  6. PopCan

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    Uh, yeah... "wealth" is just Alaskan for "snow".

    I'm sure drewed can back me up on this one...
  7. trplnkl

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    what's funny (to me) is that I was thinking just yesterday that if Obama is elected I am going to go on and retire early and take whatever penalties. Then I will rely on the big O to redistribute the wealth toward me. I should have a pretty cushy life from now on.
  8. chev

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    :laughing::laughing: ROFLMAO. Are you kidding me? Now the lefties are trying to turn around and call the Rep. party socialists. Yeah. OK. :weird:
  9. tieguy

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    when has McCAin ever said the middle class makes less then five million?
  10. passerby

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    Is "The Other side your sibling"? - You epitomize the socialist left wing liberals with your remarks above. Wah! Wah! I want my share of Alaska's money that does not belong to me! Wah! Wah!

    The difference between the socialist and the Republicans is that Republicans want the states to govern themselves with less intervention by the Fed.

    You belong in New Orleans with all the other folks who expect handouts from the Federal Government. Get up off your :censored2: and make your own money!
  12. tieguy

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    I don't see that in the reference at all. John did not clearly define the middle class as being up to 5 million. He gave an argument against excess taxation at any level , and an argument against trying to define the middle class at any specific income level. In the middle of that argument he threw the five million dollar number out there.
  13. passerby

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    Did I strike a nerve that led you to launch that diatribe? Ad hominem attacks? How very unbecoming.
  14. passerby

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    That's right, as the cutoff to the middle class. He defined rich as someone making over $5,000,000/year, middle class less than that.

    Was it a facetious statement? Probably. But he did say it.
  15. tieguy

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    he threw a number out there without any support for the number as anything other then an arbitrary number.

    His argument was against defining a middle class since doing so would then lead to Obamas progression of defining an elite to distribute wealth from.

    John gave examples of small business owners making over the 250 k thresshold but work 16 hours a day 7 days a week.

    His argument was that you could not clearly define a middle class by income that needed protection.

    If Snopes was totally unbiased they would have said that John did throw a 5 million dollar number out there but that it had been misrepresented as the upper tier of the middle class.
  16. av8torntn

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    I think McCain could have handled it better if he would have said something like B. Hussein is the only candidate who is going to raise taxes. He could have said that if his tax plan was fully enacted middle class no matter how you define it would pay less taxes under McCain than team Hussein. I think McCain has done a poor job of defining his plan and allowing the misinformation from team Hussein to go unchallenged. Part of this is likely due to the constraints of the campaign finance system that he helped create. This is irony at its finest.
  17. tieguy

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    I agree. He got caught up in one of his rambles and the liberals then took one blurb out of it and ran with it.
    At the same time he tried to explain why he felt you can't clearly define a middle class by income. I don't have a problem with that.
    Obama cuts and dries everything for the 10 second sound bite. His explanation is more clearly defined but not as well thought out.

  18. passerby

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    The constant referring to Barak Obama by his middle name is fear mongering at it's finest, and just degrades the posters opinions.

    When you got nothing...
  19. Monkey Butt

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    When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
    You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.
    How does it feel
    To be on your own
    With no direction home
    Like a complete unknown
    Like a rolling stone?

    ...you're a nudist?

    ...you're cold?

    ...there's no place to go but up?

    ...everythings something?

    ...else, Play The Race Card.
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    Haha, one of the guys on the KOMP radio show did something like that at a restaurant last night.

    The waiter was wearing an Obama pin. LOL