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    We (Air Gateway) have our start time changed lately on average 3 times a week (via text message) usually due to heavy amazon. They rarely tell us our start time until the end of the shift, in which half are already gone few are still working and others are clocking out. What's the rule on start time changes besides 24 hours. If they don't give us a start time day before but text us 3 hours before sort what time do we go in? PS we don't have a union steward in our building.
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    The air gateway may be different but in package we have to have 3 days notice of a change in start time of one hour or more. It is 24 hours notice for less than an hour change.

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    They have to give you a start time for the next day's shift, otherwise you could stroll in whenever the hell you want, and technically you wouldn't be late.

    If your scheduled start is 230, and they text and tell you not to come in until 345, then you should still go in at 230 and make them give you something to do. Lack of planning and communication on their part does not become your problem just because it's convenient for them.
  4. Your start time should be posted the Friday prior to the following Monday.
  5. JR2010

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    The reason I ask is there was no start time posted or communicated yesterday and we got a text at 5 saying 7pm.. When it's usually 8:45. I didn't know if it went to the previous days start time or what it defaulted to.
  6. Call your business agent. A grievance might need to be filed.
  7. RealPerson

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    Best to ask your BA, or very good Steward.

    Here, our Start times for the next week, Must be posted before the first person clocks out on the last day of the current weeks shift. I then believe they have 3 days notice here or if they ask you to start before your start time, it is Time and a half. I have also heard the "air" operations are way different. Ask One or 2 Stewards, and then call your BA.
    If you do have time, go to a Saturday meeting.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The air gateway may have a different set of operating procedures.
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  10. Article 40
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    I may be missing something here but are you saying you don't have a union steward period, or you don't have one at that particular time? 24 hour notice. File on it and get paid.
  12. JR2010

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    It's knoxville. And no we do not have a union steward at all. 0 representation at all.
  13. You should step up and do it. You show initiative in trying to find answers on this site. Maybe you should be the guy?
  14. JR2010

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    I don't think due to some health stuff I probably won't be there in the summer. So it wouldn't matter.
  15. 3 done 3 to go

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    We just had our start times dropped back to 8 40 am. For Tuesday to Friday. Monday is 8 30 am. Dist mgr also said. "we will not increase stop counts ". I'm hoping he can
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    In my local, start times for the following week must be posted the Thursday before. Whatever the Monday start time is, say 3am...the tuesday thru friday time cannot be more than 30min later than monday...regardless of volume changes. If they want us to start earlier, they have to give at least 12 hours notice.
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