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    I load semi-trailers for UPS and make 8.50 an hour. After 3 months I get bumped up to 9. I get 3,000 in tuition reimbursement for college.

    3 of my friends just got jobs at Fedex doing the exact same thing and they start at 10 bucks an hour. After 3 months they get bumped to 10.50. They get 2,000 for college.

    Why do they get so much more at Fedex? 1.50 more an hour seems a bit extreme for pretty much the exact same job.
  2. Its 11.50 around here (FedEx). I don't even make that and I've been here over 2 years. We have UPS and our union to thank for that. I heard it was 1982 that the two tiered pay rates started. The FTimers got the $$ we got left holding the bag. I could be wrong as I was just born then so I'm going on what I was told. Apparently UPS HR people in this area wish they could pay us more (which is BS because according to the contract they can) but UPS doesn't do it. I guess thats one of the big reasons people quit here, hard work for measly pay. BTW don't go over 5 hrs..its the latest trend (for PTimers) :lol:
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    Well Christ, im getting screwed, I should put in an application at Fedex... It's not like I have to worry about moving up that much. I'll probably be enlisting next year and if not, as an engineering student, I will hopefully be finding a job near my college more applicable to my area of study after my 2nd or 3rd year of college.

    Kinda hard to give your 100% in a total 'work your ass off' job when im getting far below others in the same exact job. Let alone the fact I could make just as much at Blockbuster, get more hours AND get those hours to work around my schedule... :mad:
  4. you've just echoed the words of many many new hires that come here and learn the fact. If you aren't in it for the long haul, meaning for advancement, either FT hourly or management...its really not worth it. However if you don't want FT here its still worth it if you: A need health benefits or B need help to pay for school. I fall into A and B so that is why I am here. I know I made it sound pretty horrible, but to be honest thats the cold hard truth of PT at UPS. We are paid the minimum the contract allows and they want us to give our max...its amusing. The benefits are very generous, but the definitely not.

    To put this in perspective Towely. I have been here 2.5+ years. If I were a driver for 2.5 years I'd be making $27-$28+/hr right now. I am making 11/hr...doesn't seem right does it? I'm not saying the drivers are overpaid (not at all) or that we deserve those kind of wages. Am I saying we're underpaid? You bet. Considering anyone in the industry pays more and are starting to offer more and more of the same benes we do. Even our drivers agree we are underpaid. During peak (sat the 23rd) one of them even said finally you guys are making what you are worth. He was under the assumption we were getting time and a half (we weren't). However don't look for the contract to improve things for us, the union doesn't care about PTimers which is amazing to me seeing as many of the FTimers I know do (or say they do).
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    Ups could pay more than scale if they wanted. The negotiated rates in the contract are minimums. UPS probably maintains the position that as long as they can continue to get workers for the current rate, they'll continue to pay the minimum rate.

    Do Fedex part-timers still have good health benefits? I worked for Fedex in the mid-nineties and had good health insurance - only had to work a minimum 18 hrs/wk. It was a good deal for a part-time job. Boring work though, burn out/turnover rate was high.
  6. oh I know they can, they just choose not to. Then complain when people quit because of the wage and tell us how much they wish they could raise it. I laugh when that happens, clearly THEY don't know the contract :wink:
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    In my building, as well as many others, our part time shifts are understaffed. They cannot attract enough pters. We have a core group that are waiting to FT, some lifer PTers, and the rest is a revolving door of people who work anywhere from 3-12 months. We even need several pt sups in my building. it's pretty bad.

    They even have 'retention committies.' Funny, the only thing that will help with retention they will not do (increase wage).

    It's not hard for a young person to find an ok to decent job around here. So why would anyone want to work at UPS? Fast food pays more. Not to mention the construction industry. Starting wage about double that of pt UPS and they can't find enough people to work construction!!
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    I'm washing dishes in a restaurant as a second job this summer. I am making a quarter of a dollar more an hour than UPS pays to start. Who wants to take bets I could find a retail job paying $9-$10/hr if I looked? :w00t:. Failing to raise the starting wage is costing UPS good workers. I could be wrong but I think I saw something about this recently in a business publication or in a newspaper. Something about the turnover hurting UPS because there are not enough good people sticking around to grow the business. Sad. -Rocky
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    The federal government is looking to increase the minimum rate from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour over a 2 year period. The link below is from the Dept of Labor of states and their minimum wage rate.Thought it might be of interest.

    UPS surely needs to increase their hiring rate, as I don't think it has changed since forever.

    Let's hope the new contract has finally addressed starting pay at UPS.
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    Our new hire preloaders are lasting about 2 days to a week. They can go to work at TacoBell for the same money and a lot less labor, plus get 40 hours in. Preload has always been the foundation the rest of the company stands on and the most neglected.
    Pay peanuts and you get monkeys. IMHO
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    In the state I live in the minimum wage is higher than 7.25$.

    Most of the lifer PTers in my building are on the old contract and make more than 15-18$ an hour. They love it. They have cornered the market on the easy inside jobs and get sweet benefits!
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    Im sure that at fedex, the job is not as high paced or the volume as high. Ups is making a killing on pay, especially part time. The thing I dont understand is that ups says they put millions into training, but people end up quitting after a short time, theres money down the drain...even with pas. It is pitiful that parttime starting wages are so low.I think the company justified it by giving better benefits, but from what ive heard fedex has just as good benefits as ups.Does anyone know if they match 401k???
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    you have to remember, where are you going to make more when you become a driver? i dont think fedex drivers make 27-28 dollars an hour
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    but not everyone wants to work as a driver, or full time.
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    The mass majority of PTers have no desire to drive for UPS. It takes years of pt work before you get the opportunity to drive. Most of the PTers her hate UPS and dream of quitting.
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    One word...benefits.

    Where else can you as a part-time employee get such amazing, cheap benefits?

    I cover my ENTIRE FAMILY, with EXCELLENT health care coverage...medical, dental and vision and pay less than $6 a week. If I was single I would pay ZERO for the same excellent coverage.
  17. Yeah its 7.50 here and will be 8.00 in jan 08. We are having an extremely hard time finding people to work here. We're somewhat staffed for now....but the hard days of the hot humid summer in new england be approaching, lets see if these newbies can take the heat in the hub:wink:

    Most of them wilt as it is...nevermind throwing the lovely hub conditions into the equation (I'm used to it, doesn't even phase me anymore).
  18. believe it or not, starbucks offers benefits for its part time employees now too. A friend of mine got it for a second job. I'm not sure what you have to pay if anything (haven't asked) but it seems even that card (benes) isn't enough these days @ UPS.

    It is a real benefit though, insurance companies are pretty much the biggest crooks that exist. Whether it be healthcare or auto ins, they're cleaning up on a service that many people rarely (sometimes VERY rarely) ever use. Doesn't seem fair sometimes :confused:1

    PS yes I know life isn't fair
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    I got hired off of the street to drive for Brown. into feeders; it simply comes down to supply and demand ...Volume of freight and the # of available drivers to move it
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    And from what I hear FedEx drivers get payed quite well, however the have to purchase their own vehicle, pay for all repairs (which means that if your truck breaks down your responsible not only for the cost but for making sure it is in working order for work.) Plus gas. This is what a friend told me who looked at driving for them.