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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brown666, May 18, 2002.

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    If talks were going well. we would not be taking a strike vote this weekend.I will walk again if the need arises, but a decent contract would be the preferred. Look for the vote to be well above 80% yes for a strike if needed.
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    Brown666. WRONG. A strike authorization vote is ALWAYS taken. It is a viewed as necessary by your leadership to be able to sit at the table and have that wild card showing.
  3. The strike vote may well be over 80% but I'll bet the total number of votes (if reported honestly, which is another matter altogether)will represent less than 20% of all eligible voters.
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    Strike Votes are a sham. I havent talked to a single employee in my center (300 full and part time employees) that planned on making the 30 minute drive to vote. Oddly, the Union showed no interest in setting up a voting location in the parking lot. Do you really think that the union would admit it if the employees voted DOWN a strike??
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    If the teamsters actually let the rank and file vote to authorize a strike,or even made it necessary for a majority of the membership to cast a ballot in order for the results to take effect, there would be no strike authorization. The majority of the rank and file is smart enough to understand they they lose economically in a strike. The union itself has its own agenda that does not include the economic well-being of its members. If the teamsters really want a representative vote from a majority of their members on ALL issues, they would make the voting process more convenient and they would make sure the rank and file understood ALL the ramifications of a strike. They will do none of this. They rely on the fact that only the hardcore malcontents in their membership cast votes. They further insure the success of their own agenda by only allowing "delegates" to vote on issues related to the total membership.

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    Can someone tell me exactly where to find 1) The actual number of teamster members employed at UPS. 2) The number of UPS teamsters that will have voted (for or against the strike) 3) The actual final vote count. I would like to agree with "smallcapbuyer" and the assessment he made, but would like to see the actual facts to substantiate the statements.
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    The strike was taken via a mail in vote at our center. Results should be ready on Friday May 24th.National contract talks are at a standstill! Period.
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    Hey Drooler! The "Hardcore Malcontents" in my center (All 300 that should up on Sat but not including those that showed up on Sun) voted unaminously "YES" for authorization. Now maybe you should move your stock before it hits rockbottom. I hear Fedex stock is on the way up. Why don't you go jump on thier employees backs and tell them what a fine job they are doing. I can tell you really don't have a clue but as long as UPS wants to make some extra funds and pacify the public with it's class b shares that have no real effect on the way the company is ran then I guess we'll continue to hear from the "Never haves and never wills" like yourself. Until you strap on the "Brown" you ain't the "Brown" So shut the hell up!
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    Discussion can be animated, which is fine, but we do not welcome personal attacks, on- or off-board. It is inappropriate to say anything on a discussion board about any individual or entity that you would not be prepared to say to them face-to-face.

    It is fine to disagree with a different viewpoint, but please limit this to challenging the idea and not make your comments a personal challenge or make derogatory personal comments about individuals, their ideas or their situation. The latter is considered to be a flame and will not be tolerated.
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    What might not be known is I would say these things face to face because I am proud to work for the "Brown" and comments from someone who doesn't know what I do and how I do it is degrading to myself and all of us who make UPS go. I love my job as everyone on my route knows. I continually see this person's rude, uninformed, misguided, and mostly ignorant comments that make even most Management viewers clenching their chairs. Just protecting my turf. I apologize to any others that were offended.
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    Anger CAN be controlled. There are courses offered for just this kind of thing.
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    Anger CAN be controlled. There are courses offered for just this kind of thing.

    I have been at UPS longer than you have been alive, so I think I understand how things work. I'm not ignorant, misguided or uninformed. And I don't think my posts are rude. I too am proud to say that I work for UPS, and I also love the company. I do not, however, have any use for an organization that attaches itself to a company and then attempts to suck the economic life out
    of it. I'm happy that your customers love you. I hope you have a rewarding and productive career at UPS. The employees of UPS, both hourly and management, are the reason for the company's success. The teamsters union contributes nothing in this regard. I'm sure that cool heads will prevail and there will be no work stoppage. How about you.

  13. An overwhelming 93% approval on the strike vote. Let's see, that works out to about 213,000 of the 230,000 teamsters agreeing to strike. Or is that 213 out of 230 who actually voted? Wonder why the Teamsters don't release this info? What a sham!
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    Drooler, who do you think you are kidding? I've seen your post. I was being kind when I said they were rude. As far as being with the company longer than I have been alive. Congrats. How? Your bitterness towards the employees that help stuff your pockets is absurd. You are no different than any teamster you spit venom at. You are trying to get the most for your dollar as well (Meaning stocks) your onesidedness is as obvious as an OJ Trial (allegedly) and boo hoo if some of the sweaty hourlys are taking some from you for their fair share. It was The Casey's who brought the Union in not the workforce. Remember?
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    Small cap buyer,

    I've been to these meetings in the past and they are a waste of time because like a Soviet-style election, one knows the outcome before the meeting even takes place. Many people know this and don't bother going for this very reason.
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    I so agree........But it's kinda like we hate cleaning the toilet but kinda have to....
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    I have absolutely no "bitterness" toward anyone at UPS, even you. I do have strong feelings about the value or lack thereof of the teamsters union. It is an organization that takes advantage of the companies it deals with and the employees who are its members. As to why I have been at UPS so long, its because I have the ability to run successful operations, utilizing the talents of some very good management and hourly employees. This is how we are all successful at UPS. You, on the other hand, seem to have a major chip on your shoulder. Do I want the "most for my dollar" ? You betcha! That's why I work as hard as I do. Its also why I demand the same thing from the people I work with. This company was built by its hard-working employees, not by its affiliation with the teamsters.

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    There is no chip, just a chunk that's been bitten out of myself and others I work with by totally incompentent management teams in the past. I must be honest and say it has gotten much better over the past year but I am thankful for the Union for it's protection from some of UPS's not so respectful and malcontent ties. I know that doesn't speak for the whole. They are, though, out there and there is a need even now of a Union to protect the rights of the workers. I'm sure even you being as "hardworking" and "demanding" as those that work beneath you have at times become emotional. You wouldn't be human if you hadn't. That is why we have protection. Maybe I'm wrong but since we are all human I know I have become emotional at times and shouldn't have and luckily my Center Manager saw it as pride and passion not revenge and hate. Some though including the hourlys can't tell the two apart. It helps to have security in a production pushed environment.
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    From my own experience, the ones who need the union the most are the least productive. These are the people who file the vast majority of the grievances. These bottom-feeders need union protection because they wouldn't have a job otherwise. They should be let go because it isn't fair to those who are productive. Speaking for myself, I have never needed a steward for anything.
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    You are 100% correct about the kind of employee who needs a union. In my experience this is always the case. And once again we get to hear about how all the incompetent management people are ruining the company. How about the incompetent hourly people? Incompetent managemnet people are usually removed in a hurry. Their continued employment rests on their ability to perform. If they can't perform they are gone. No questions asked. With incompetent hourly employees its a whole different ballgame. This is when the teamsters union steps in to try to make sure these people stay on the payroll. The teamsters wouldn't take these people on to their own payroll,(they won't even let their own employees unionize)but they sure feel the company should keep them. What a crock.