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    We should drop this company for one day like we did on feb 4th 1994 . Allthough strike lasted only 10 hours the company smarted up real fast (for any who were not around this is when UPS raised the weight limit from 70lbs to 150lbs) with this CEO not being a real UPSER it is time to call off contract talks till this company wants to get serious. I just want everybody to keep one thing in mind it is the men and woman who wear those brown uniforms make this company money and nobody else . The time has come to strike, we will lose volume but when you go to war there will be casualties.
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    Pick a warmer day next time! It was so cold that day I only drank 12 beers!!
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    Gee, another thread with the word "strike" in it. How many do you need???
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    How close to being laid off will you be when the affects of all the lost volume happens?
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    Not very likely if I get laid off we are out of buisness count on it
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    That will show Scott Davis when all those laid-off UPSERSare scrambling to feed their families and he's still raking in millions. Way tocare about the other members who would be affected by all that lost volume.Question, if you’re a big shipper and UPS goes on strike, would you ever goback? I know I wouldn't. All this strike talk needs to get buried until it's areal threat, it does nothing to help keep the volume we have or are trying toget.
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    Not necessarily disagreeing, but the union could be held financially responsible for any economic damages sustained (service failures, lost volume, etc.) ; it would be an illegal strike unless the company stopped contributing to the pension and health & wellness funds.
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    Piedmont Stewart the teamsters got sued in 1994 for 50 million dollars and the teamsters counter sued it was thrown out of court if you were around back then. But if you read all the headlines and the teamsters do wait untill july we still will lose volume no doubt.If you look at you will know what I am talking about if UPS does not get serious we will all pay the price you know that . Fedex reps will aproach our accounts and make them sign up for 1 year and our large accounts will do just that . AS i stated earlier (WHEN YOU GO TO WAR THEIR WILL BE CASUALTIES) need I say more
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    As many as it takes
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    Thats about what I figured.
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    Being that there is a lot of talk in the buildings, here on BC and over at TDU, would it not be prudent for the IBT to at least address us? I understand it may not be in the best interest of the negotiations, but since it is already spreading like wildfire I think something should be coming down from Hoffa/hall.

    Again, if it wasn't for the info already being spread it would probably make some sense to not discuss negotiations at this point.
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    Our center did not participate in the Over 70 wildcat work stoppage.

    What difference does it make that our CEO did not come up through the ranks? I personally could care less whether he has touched a single package in his entire adult life just as long as he is able to work with the Board of Directors to continue to lead this company toward record profits in a challenging economic environment.

    Ground is the least profitable of all of the divisions within UPS. Healthcare logistics and supply chain solutions are the fastest growing segments of our industry.

    This is not the time to strike. There would be zero public support. A strike would be disastrous for all involved.
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    Correct, and lets hope UPS understands this and is the first one to say "Mercy". Its like putting a lit cigar between your forearm and someone else. If no one pulls away, its going to get ugly. Just don't be the first to pull or you loose.

    The burn will start before August 1st. Closer we get to the end of the contract the more damage will be done. Fred's sales team is probably already touting the end of our contract to gain volume. Every day closer, the more shippers will start to make a plan that will secure their deliveries and UPS will not be part of that plan.

    That said, I would not be calling mercy anytime soon.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Let's hope the Teamsters also understand this.
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    I know I do. I know a lot of posters here do. But it doesn't change the facts that things are better for UPS then at the time of signing of the last contract. It would be "disastrous" for the teamsters to agree to ANY changes to our healthcare.

    UPS will be the first to give. They are in a good position financially. If things were sliding and business looking bleak, then I could see them holding out longer then us. But that is not the case.

    If the teamsters gave concessions, that would be another step backwards for unions.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Tell us again how you feel about concessions.:wink2:
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    why would customers have to commit for a year if the service they would switching their volume to was better anyway? if that was the case they should be using the other guy already.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Minimum contract length with either shipper is one year.
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    i know for a fact that they are watching the threads on this forum and they like it.