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  1. It appears that the Surepost language has given the company an unlimited right to turn off Redirect at peak or if they choose to "roll" a load. They have done this all along. Now it's a free for all.

    Now, the proposed language allows the company to tell us that they cant handle additional volume or that it will not be economically feasible so it will be sent to our competition, and all the while "proximity" stops are not defined or redirected back to dues paying usual.

    And finally, obscure language allowing us to deliver to the UPS STORES for those non-union folks to disperse our volume? What does this change actually mean?
    This is so vague.

    Even without Section 4(1) the rest of the proposed changes are concessions.

    Worried about rolling volume at peak? Hire more drivers.
    Is there more volume coming that we dont know about during the non peak months?
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    That language is their because, from what I've been told, the they can offer FedEx smartpost, but not surepost. This does seem odd, because I thought the stores did not charge the resi surcharge, like they don't, at the customer counter.
  3. Interesting. But so vague. And when it's vague it typically augments.

    The rest is a joke.
    They've shut off redirect for years and it's shame on us for putting up with it.
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    I wish they would allow surepost to go the the counter, but will not allow that, unless you pay the $3.50 upgrade charge. They'd rather send it to the post office and give them the money, instead of giving it to the counter people, who they are already paying.
  5. Our building has dozens of grievances, some 16 months old, that have been heard locally and never been to the panel. They keep getting dragged out by the BA.
    He raised his voice to me when I asked him when the member's grievances were going to finally be docketed to the panel and said "They're going to be heard in July!". What month is this?

    By the looks of it the local union appears to be colluding with the company to hide Surepost violations.

    Now this garbage language. Is anyone on our side? Remember us, the members who pay dues?

    If they aren't going to back us up on language violations then take the language out and be done with it.
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    Send them to the counter and let @Turdferguson worry about it.
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    May I have the link to this? Thank you.
  8. Look it up under Art 26 (Surepost) in the proposed NMA.
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    Obviously doesn't have enough to do.
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    How about you shut your face frog?
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  13. You sure told him.

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    Already packed
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    Anyways have a good vacation. I will make sure to talk some crap on @Turdferguson
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