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    That's right another surepost thread. How is your center dealing with post offices that now close before you get to them?

    Many rural post offices are now closing at noon. Some even earlier. We are being instructed to either deliver before the post office closes or deliver all these packages to final destination.

    Here's my beef. The customer doesn't pay for us to deliver them to the final destination. Certainly not in rural areas. I believe all zip codes that have post offices that are not open should automatically be kicked out of the system and you should only be able ship ground to them.
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    I cover this one rural route sometimes and the post office closes at 12. I can never get there in time so I have to deliver all the stops to final destination. There's a guy on the route who knows this and he makes sure all of his pkgs are shipped ups sure post, because it saves him money.
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    Either that directive DID NOT come from Atlanta or they have a way or charging regular rates for those deliveries would be my guess.
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    I had a post office on my route that serviced another zip code that started a couple of blocks away ( it was an annex). That other zip code was delivered from a different center located in a different UPS building. No way I could or would deliver those to the final destination. Of course situations like that never occur to the brains in Atlanta.
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    Give this to the brains that came up with ORION. They can fix it!
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    I have two rural post office stops on my route that close before I can get there. Both have told me to have their pkgs dropped off at other post offices. One of the other is on my route, one is not. When I see my edd, I have the post office add/cut to the other driver who handles the one that is not on my route.
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    This is what we did for awhile. The other post offices are refusing to take those packages now.
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    I bring em back to the building after making the required attempt. Since UPS wants us to be stupid drivers and do only what the board tells us to do, I bring them back and explain nicely that the PO closes at noon and I can't break to deliver there since it would make me go over miles on ORION. Then I let them tell me what to do the next day and watch my check grow fatter with the extra time I know is going to show up. There's no way reducing the miles this way is saving them money over what they're paying drivers in OT. Unless diesel and petrol costs $40 some odd bucks a gallon, I can't see the savings.