Teamsters visit Indy terminal


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hall and others visited the indy terminal during negioations.

Teamster Negotiators Visit UPS Freight Workers on the Dock

Contract Talks Move Forward in Indianapolis

August 2, 2007

Teamster negotiators visited UPS Freight workers at their Indianapolis terminal recently and listened to the workers’ concerns firsthand as contract talks continue to move forward.
The Teamsters’ UPS Freight Negotiating Committee returned to the table for the 125 drivers and dockworkers in Indianapolis from July 23-25. For the latest round of bargaining, the union met with the company in Indianapolis.
hall, Director of the Parcel and Small Package Division and Gordon Sweeton, Assistant Director of the National Freight Division, took a break from the talks and walked the dock in Indianapolis with the union’s entire negotiating committee, including Brian Buhle, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 135 and Jeff Combs, a Local 135 organizer.
The impromptu visit to the dock was notable—it was the first time the union has had complete access to the company’s property since Local 135 organized workers under a historic card-check and neutrality agreement with the former Overnite Transportation in 2006.
“It was great to get the chance to meet with dockworkers and drivers in Indianapolis, and view their operations,” Hall said. “The visit gave us the opportunity to hear firsthand the workers’ issues and concerns on their turf. They could speak openly about their workplace, at their workplace, without fear of reprisal.”
Many of the workers at the dock had the same question: When would they be able to vote on an agreement?
“We know that the UPS Freight workers in Indianapolis have been anxiously awaiting a good Teamster contract that will protect their rights on the job,” Sweeton said. “Based on the way talks are progressing, we believe that we can deliver such a contract to them. We want to deliver that agreement to them as soon as possible.”
Dave Osborn, a UPS Freight city driver and shop steward in Indianapolis, said that having the talks in Indianapolis and the committee’s visit to the terminal were a big boost for workers. Osborn sat in on negotiations.
“Having the negotiating committee come to Indianapolis had a positive effect on myself and my coworkers,” Osborn said. “We were able to ask questions and get the latest update. I reported back to my coworkers that negotiations are moving ahead well and are on track.”
The company and the union continued to fine-tune contract language concerning non-economic working conditions. The union also made headway by introducing economic issues to the table. Bargaining will resume the last week of August in Indianapolis.


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i work in this terminal out of indy, dave osborne just celebrated his 20 year "anniversary" of starting at ups freight (overnite)