Telematics....Company wide?

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    So there has been a lot of posts regarding Telematics. We do not have it at our center but the one to the north of us does. We just got PAS and EDD last winter and one of the trainers told one of our drivers Telematics was not being advanced due to cost vs. return on investment. Anyone know the corporate position on this? Just wanting to know.
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    Brown, I just sent a PM to P-man. He is more than qualified to answer your question.
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    This is what I pictured when you said that.


    We don't have telematics here either. I think our mgmt is quite content with ODS_e.
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    In our center every driver is under an hour late and idle time is very low. Telematics is here to stay it is a major cost cutter and will eliminate management the place where ups waists the most money
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    WHO cares .
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    what difference does telematics make ? if you are doing your job it makes no difference if not you have some splain to do lucy. we are all employed by ups and have to follow the rules set forth by the powers to be.
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    When they first implemented telematics in our center we were told UPS would not be using it for discipline purposes. That was a either a bald-faced lie or an uninformed comment. It is most definitely being used for discipline purposes in addition to it's practical uses involving car performance. I'm not criticizing the program itself but how it will be used by management to nit pick a driver's daily performance on a microscopic level. There needs to be accountability at all levels and not just on the drivers. Management and dispatchers (a position which used to be done by managers with driving experience and not just computer skills) need to learn to work with the drivers if they want to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We are trained to work as efficiently as possible but we are working under a management team that is overly concerned about bean counting. UPS seems to think that technology will solve all their problems and they are neglecting the human factor.

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    We dont have tattle tail matics either. By the way the contract says you cannot be displined by technology only proven dishonesty. People are getting in trouble because of what they say not because of tattle tail system. Either way I dont care because the center manager in our center assumes the worst out of us anyway so it doesnt matter what system we have. You should hear the misserable old man talk. Its funny.:peaceful:
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    ive been told its no longer vialble as it cannot be used to discipline , so its on hold maybe forever
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    These are my sentiments also. Who cares? Only the people doing what they are not supposed to do are the one who care. We've had telematics for over a year here and nothing has changed with me. I don't do anything different and I haven't heard a peep from management.

    It was almost like it didn't exist to me if not for one incident. The center manger approached me and asked why I drove 17 miles continiously with my bulk head door open the previous day. I asked him if me breaking down that day rang a bell since he was the one I called first? The truck was towed back to the building with the bulk-head door open and it showed on the report. The funny thing is he couldn't figure that part out for himself, he had to ask me about it.

    Other than that I haven't heard a word regarding me and telematics
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    Don't you worry, they'll find a way to get you!

    So the system works even when the pkg car isn't running? Interesting!
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    it is probally like a cigarette lighter car on or off it still works.
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    no what what telematics bring ITS not a cardnial sin so its GAME ON
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    It is not on hold. The second phase is being implemented now. It planned to go live sometime in July. Every new package car is pre-equipped. I don't think it's in every new car for no reason.
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    That leaves me out.
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    It has its good points. If you don't always buckle up, you will. It takes care of all the little shortcuts that we use (used) to get the job done quicker. No more packages in the cab. Reminds us to set the ebrake or risk being on a report.

    The down side is the little BS. 36 minutes of idle time a day???? Really I'm 4 minutes over and your riding me like I missed a pickup for 10 cents in diesel??? Here is the latest - If we have a pickup with a sign that says "NO UPS" we still have to stop the vehicle and turn off the engine before we complete the stop to prove we were there at the right time. We can no longer call the pickup from accross town and ask if they have anything going out. We have to be there in the 15 min window, engine off. You can't stop complete a delivery with the engine running. If we accidently hit a stop and see that we did not complete the last stop...wait for it........go back, void the package out and do it again. Get the customer to sign twice. Drive 10 miles out of your way to stay off a report. Really, this makes good business sense?? Saves gas money?

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    First of all, the pickup with the NO UPS sign is not getting the service that they deserve. The weekly charge for a daily P/U is $20 and if this were my business and I were paying $20/week for a service I would expect much more than a drive by pickup. When I first started on my current area I had one of these. I told them they could put the sign away as they would no longer need it as I would be stopping every day. The reason I don't let my pickups use signs is I got burned on one of these signs when I was a new driver. I had a pickup stop put the sign out, I drove by, they then had a package going out and took the sign down. They called a concern in when I failed to make their pickup. My excuse of "they put the sign out" fell on deaf ears, as it should have. You are right in that telematics will gig you for completing the pickup stop while you are driving by it.

    We were never allowed to complete a delivery with the engine running so I don't see where this is a new concern with Telematics.

    If you are having to break off to complete your pickups within the +/- 15 you may need to make changes to your pickup log. I know that with all of the add/cuts that we get it is very difficult to maintain 85% or higher trace and the +/- 15.

    Telematics will not know whether you have packages in the cab.

    How can you have 36 minutes of idle time? Do you sit in traffic for that long or are you not shutting the PC off at stops?

    Now, the reality is that you can indeed continue to do your drive by pickups. GPS is used on deliveries but not on pickups so you can "complete" your drive by the next time you stop the pkg car, provided that stop is within the +/- 15. This means that you can continue to call the pickup with the 10 mile drive and then "complete" the stop within the +/- 15.
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