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    Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    The purpose of this thread is to provide information for a simple, informative flyer that we can share with Express employees to help educate them about the disparities that exist between FedEx and UPS in terms of pay, benefits, etc. in the event that Congress votes our way on the RLA exemption. Obviously, the wording is critical because any mention of a union could have dire consequences for anyone involved. It has to be strictly facts.

    I'll get the ball rolling with these:

    -Top pay for FedEx Couriers in this market is $21.xx
    Top pay for UPS drivers in this market is $29.xx

    -Top pay progression for a FedEx Courier takes over twelve years.
    Top pay progression for a UPS Driver takes three years.

    -Benefits for a family (2 or more dependents) cost a FedEx Courier over $300 per month.
    Benefits for a family (2 or more dependents) cost a UPS Driver $0 per month.

    ...and so on...

    Please add to this list and circulate a link to this thread at any other sites you visit. We also need as many responses from UPS employees as we can get so that we ensure our info is accurate. With enough responses we can compile it into a flyer to distribute.
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    Welcome aboard!! Excellent idea.
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    Top pay is 25 an hour by me and im curious,arent our jobs similar to UPS Air drivers?Whats thier top pay?
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    Don't feed the troll. Don't feed the troll. Don't feed the troll.

    Air driver top pay as of Aug 1st is around $23.69/hr and takes two (2) years of progression. That is for full-time air drivers, either inside-outside combo or FT 8 hour air drivers.

    Part-time air driver (3+ hour) is $21.69/hr and also takes (2) years of wage progression.

    Keep in mind FT air drivers pay far less out of pocket, as described above, for health/dental etc. Only the union dues which avg 60-80/mo for full-time and 40-50/mo part-time.

    argh too late
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    Correct, however, union dues do NOT go towards any health benefits. Health benefits are paid for with additional negotiated monies as stated in our contract
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    I did not mean to imply that. I was simply implying that to the employee, at least to me, itsbest viewed that dues cover those costs.
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    Thanks for the responses. Dumb question but do UPS employess have a 401k match? And how is the pension calculated?
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    No match on 401k for hourlies. Mgt had match but that was taken away due to economy. Pension calculation much too involved to discuss here.
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    That pretty much sums up our new (PPP) pension plan. A whole lot of calculations to protect their bottom line at our expense.
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    One big disparity is that FedEx can basically fire you for trumped up bullcrap. It seems there is zero job protection. GFT is basically going back to the people that fired you and telling them they were wrong, good luck with that! I have seen people with 20 plus years with FedEx get fired for trumped up crap!

    Also there are no clear rules at FedEx. Operational need supercedes any written rule so they can basically make up and change rules on you at any time as they have done over and over at my station! FedEx's rules are basically whatever they determine is best for management is going to be used and if they notice something that is not they can manipulate that to change with no recourse whatsoever. This is why they are fighting this change in classification so hard at FedEx because the "whatever I say goes" would not fly like it does now. If you try to stand up to them now you can be immediately targeted. The personell reps work for the company and are only in place to try and make sure someone can't sue the company. Seems like a Union contract would change this manipulative system FedEx has right now in a very major way. I wonder if "FedEx 4 life" knows what that "operational need" phrase means. HAAAHAA!!!!:happy2:
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    Yes i do.They used it all the time for me when i was full time.One of the things i hated the most about being full time.
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    Yep. Everything on their terms....just the way they like it. Anyone who speaks out is immediately targeted, just like people who get injured are. When I was in LEAP, I sat in on a few conference calls that turned my stomach because they were so totally unethical. You have a bullseye on your back the second you become a liablity instead of an asset. Don't believe me, some of you cheerleaders? Get hurt and see what happens. Better yet, say something controversial at your next workgroup meeting like "We need a union", even if you don't mean it. See what happens. How can anyone not see through this company? Amazing. Go ahead, be stupid.
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    Only Fed-Ex employees have the power. Im just a UPS driver that sees a competitor use its political connections to screw its "employees" and its "contracted employees".Union dues suck, theres no getting around it but given the Fed-Ex alternative Ill stick with my union dues. The union is at times an emberresment but given the Fed-Ex alternative Ill stick with the union. You guys want to make changes then collectively you should organize a cross the board work stoppage. No matter what the color of your vehicle you should all have a walk out one day. Then maybe Fed-Ex will take you serious. Up to this point they just look at you indivusually as nats on thier behinds. Remember you are the ones that turn the keys and walk to the doors.
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    What you are talking about would be considered to be an "unauthoirized strike" under RLA rules. Under RLA, employees of a covered company can be COMPELLED by the federal government to return to work or face potential penalties and prosecution. This is something that FedEx doesn't talk much about, because it doesn't need to. There have been some isolated cases of Purple Flu at some stations, but nothing that has disrupted operations.

    If employees were to publically state that they refuse to work because of conditions and compensation at FedEx, FedEx would have no qualms about filing suit in Federal court to have the employees compelled to return to work or face fines or prosecution. They'd also be considered to have "not called in for an authorized absence". The first day of not calling in and stating one won't be in for work for a "legitimate" reason results in a warning letter being issued. If the employee doesn't call in on the next consecutive day they are absent, it is considered to be a voluntary resignation and the employee is no longer an employee. This is stated VERY clearly in our handbooks.

    This is why for years FedEx has been able to say to employees that aren't happy to "find the nearest exit and don't come back", and mean it. RLA can't keep us from QUITTING, but it can definately keep us from engaging in unauthorized strikes. Even with a recognized union under RLA rules, any voted upon strike must have a "cooling off period". This allows covered employers time to attempt to pick off faint hearted employees to prevent a strike from occurring in the first place. Since a strike, or a REAL threat of a strike, is the only thing that forces employers to deal with the union, RLA classified employers have most of the power. This explains why FedEx goes to the lengths it does to keep its RLA status.
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    This also is the reason FedEx has been playing-up the "vital" nature of the Express business and how "disruptive" it would be to national commerce should we go on strike. Fred wants Grandma to think her meds aren't going to get delivered if we go union. The truth is that shippers would just temporarily switch to a competitor and she would get her Lipitor and Grandpa would get his Viagra. In a recession, "disruption" is even less of an issue because the extra volume that UPS and the USPS would get could easily be handled.

    Fred wants the world to think that everything we do is an emergency shipment, when the truth is that the pkgs we carry aren't any different from the ones UPS hauls. Crickets to cancer meds, both companies handle the same stuff.
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    Just like when UPS went on strike.Everyone switched to Fedex temporarily.UPS didnt lose any customers to Fedex permanantly.
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    Just received a PPP statement in the mail today. The lump sum payment option would barely be enough to buy a computer and the monthly payment option wouldn't even fill up my gas tank.
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    I wrote off the pension when the Defined Benefit Pension Plan (DBPP) was gutted. But what did strike me is that FedEx is only "giving" 5% of annual gross as a contribution to the PPP. This is outrageous. Without getting into minutia of finance, 5% of annual gross times 25 years of service equates to a balance of about 125% of a year's pay as a balance at retirement at 25 years. One can basically buy a new car at retirement to get back and forth to that door greeter job at the local mega-mart.

    They're only paying 1% quarterly on the balance. That is marginally above T-Bill rates; and only a couple of percentage points above annual inflation rate. In other words, marginally better that stuffing a mattress. The real kicker is that FedEx is holding the balance, NOT a third party. If FedEx ever goes belly up, guess what, your pot of money is gone too.

    Folks, this ISN'T a pension, it is an end of career payout. With a return on "investment" of only 4%, there isn't going to much growth in the balance over inflation. When I looked at the "straight life annuity" and compared that amount to what the DBPP was, I'm only getting about 20% of what I would've gotten under the DBPP.

    To make a rough comparison between the trash plan that is in effect and the old DBPP, do the following:

    Take your years of service and multiply that by 2% (multiply the "Benefit Accrual Service" number on the front of the page by 2%).

    Multiply this by your average annual gross $$$ over the past five years, then divide by 12.

    This would've been your monthly payment under the old DBPP.

    Compare this number you just calculated with the number that appears at the bottom right of the chart on the back of the form "straight life annuity".

    I'll end this post so you can pick your jaw up from the floor.
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    As usual, you are incorrect. Most of the shippers that swore they'd never use UPS again after the strike ate their words and went back. Any more brilliant observations?
  20. MrFedEx

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    PPP= PISS POOR PENSION PLAN. For all of you Kool-Aid consumers out there who think you'll ever be able to "retire", Ricochet1 has it right. You'll be working until you leave this orb....I'm sure that's OK with you because Fred and FedEx are so "great".

    Maybe the average intelligence of a FedEx worker is around a 6th grade level because there are very few people who seem to get it. YOU DON'T HAVE A RETIREMENT PLAN ANY LONGER! Fred took it away, and most of you seem OK with that.

    Maybe when you turn 55 and are still throwing boxes while awaiting your double knee replacement you'll figure it out....probably not. Smith threw you under the bus after screwing you in the rear sans lube and you LIKE IT. All of that glowing praise and support for Fred and FedEx and he has just cut your throats. How ignorant can you be?