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    OK Im not sure what it is like anywhere else, but in Florida our supervisors are telling us that we have to take and record our full hour lunch.
    I know some guys route type premitting would like to skip it, or take part of it, some guys like me have kids in sports and need to be somewhere by 6-6:30 and having that hour would be great.
    So when I ask my supervisor if I can skip some of my lunch he says no, but here is the kicker.... I find out the other day that my supervisor lets other drivers take only 15 minutes or some guys no lunch, so i skip it on monday and sure enough Im in the office on tusday.
    Im sick of the double standerd.. what is my remidy to either be able to skip my lunch or to force ups to make ALL DRIVERs take the full hour?
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    Call the center whenever you have this problem and tell them you need a code 05.
    This must be approved by your sup.It is in the first diad screen with your employee # and name.
    Change it from code 06 to 05 and you will be paid actual.If you take a 15 min break,you will get
    paid for the rest .Just make sure you record it accurately.It varies from place to place to allow you to
    do this.It sounds like some of your fellow drivers are doing it.
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  4. 40 and out

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    You should come work with me. Our supervisors only care that some time is recorded for lunch. It can be 1 minute as long as some time is recorded.
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  5. Not IN Trace

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    Yup, we have some loser drivers who pull that crap....they record A full hour but they clearly don't take a full hour...I find it funny UPS got sued for stealing millions from employees lunches, yet here we go again... So now once again UPS is knowingly letting employees work without gettting paid.
  6. 40 and out

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    They used to take out 50 minutes for lunch no matter how much we took or recorded. The California lawsuit changed all that. Now they only take out whatever lunch we record. We probably do still have some loser drivers who record lunch but don't take any just so they look good to the supervisors. I know we had plenty of them who did it when we weren't getting paid for it. I used to have plenty of nights that I would have to force myself to take the rest of my lunch at 7 or 8 PM. I don't miss those days. Thank you California!
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    UPS's entire business plan is designed around screwing as many drivers as possible out of their lunch and breaks. It has been this way for decades.

    But simply working through your lunch isnt good enough; they also want you to record a full hour so that they can screw you out of an hour's pay.

    You need to check your local contract language to see what your rights are. Here we can choose for ourselves whether we want to take an hour lunch or a half hour, and the company cannot arbitrarily deny us the right to take a half hour.

    Regardless of what your local language says, you are entitled to be paid for all hours that you actually worked.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    DS, Code 05's are very hard to get--ours must be approved by our DM.

    We have to record our full 45 minute unpaid lunch and 10 minute paid break; however, it is no secret that we have some drivers who work through them.

    There are those here who insist that your lunch be taken as directed by the contract while others are more flexible just as long as it is taken.

    I fully understand wanting to get done early for your kids as I have done this on many occasions.
  9. Johney

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    We have shop stewards who check delivery records of drivers who get in early to see if they have lunch recorded while they were delivering. So we can't just lets say put 12 to 1 and just come in when we're done. I think one got a warning letter for not recording a full hour lunch to get to a kids function.We do have to take and record a full hour even on 8 hour requests.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have shop stewards doing management work?? Don't get me wrong, I agree with what they are doing, I just don't agree that they should be doing it.
  11. UnsurePost

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    If management would follow the contract, treat everyone equally, distribute work fairly, provide a fair days work, then stewards would not be examining records to see who's taking a lunch and where mgmt is shedding the proverbial blind eye to lunch skippers/work thrus. In the large buildings/centers I have worked, the above doesn't always happen.
  12. raceanoncr

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    In cases like this, if drivers are getting verbal, written or other disciplines, the union has the obligation to prove these allegations are false or unwarranted.

    There are two types of grievances: One for discipline, where the company must prove fault or evidence of wrongdoing, hence the union proving otherwise.

    Two for contract violations, where it is the union's responsiblity to prove there was a contract violation and the company tries to refute it.

    That may be the situation in the former example here. The company may be planning or has instituted some form of discipline for the lunch situation listed HERE, again, note I said HERE! The union has the right to look over any records that may pertain to the case and is not considered doing management work.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's not the way I read it. I read it to where the shop stewards have either taken it upon themselves or been directed by the BA to cross check delivery records against recorded meal times. As I said before, I agree with this type of audit, but don't agree with the shop stewards doing it. Now, if they are doing it for the reasons that you gave, I do support that.
  14. JustTired

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    It could be that the stewards are doing it to make sure everyone is being treated equally. In other words, if one is getting disciplined and another is not for the same infraction.

    My answer to the problem has always been the same.......take your stinking lunch. This is part of the contract! Just as hourlies complain about management violating the contract....they turn around and do the same thing.

    I understand wanting to get to a childs' function, but skipping lunch is not the answer. That skipped lunch eventually turns into a larger dispatch. Don't believe me? Try it for a year.

    I'm not even going to go into the safety aspects of skipping lunch. Been there, done that.
  15. over9five

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    Excellent, wish they would do that here. Do it every day and have someone grieve that hour.
  16. The Blackadder

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    UPS due to lawsuit tells its sups. they have to force the drivers to take a full hour.

    Now if you dont take the full hour but record the hour in the DIAD no sup is going to go looking to deep. Why would they.

    But by saying you have to take the lunch they cover themselves agaisnt more lawsuits, its really that simple.
  17. rod

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    UPS's ideal delivery driver:

    1. A person that is morgaged to the hilt with car payments up the wazoo (can't afford to miss work).
    2. A person that has a few kids in sports or other school activities who wants to be at every game or school function. (will skip breaks and drive like a miniac to make it off in time).
    3. A person that will suck up to management to receive favors. (probaly will as long as it don't hurt any of their precious numbers).
    4. Any combination of the above.
  18. Cementups

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    We are supposed to take and record our full hour. There are times if we have to be at an appointment the center manager will let us skate on some of it. We have a few drivers though that they let slide all the time who come in running under everyday. Notice the word RUNNING. Ad we do hve a couple of rural routes that approved 1/2 hour lunch all the time so they can make it back to the building on time with their pick ups, evven though most of those guys are done long before the primary is done.
  19. Johney

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    Yes this is what the situation is. Sorry I didn't explain it better I thought I did.
  20. stevetheupsguy

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    My center manager said that code 5 (05) isn't allowed anymore.