The New Contract and the inside hub workers

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 804 member, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I am a fulltime worker for many years now and I am frustrated with the contract. The company has all the power over us, on the inside worker, because basically there is NO LANGUAGE for the inside worker!

    We have parttimers starting before us, we dont have seniority to start time preference, but drivers do.

    No job preference, as we cant switch our areas (load, unload, sort, smallsort), we are locked in to a job for 30 years because it isnt a bid job to switch areas. As we get older, we want to switch to more desirable jobs, as drivers can bid on a more desirable route, but we are told that we can't!

    I was told that 804 is looking in to adding more to the local contract and I was wondering if things will get better.

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight?
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    no classification bids?
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    Maybe you should bid into package car where the grass is greener then. It's practically a country club down here.
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    yeah..get in package car..Big easy money!
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    You are guaranteed 8 hours pt'ers only 3 1/2. With regard to start time it is less flexible because there can be only be so much time between shifts for lunch I believe 1 1/2 hours maximum.Do you want to hang around UPS longer ? The transfer to a more desirable work area language is correct you don't have that option.Something to negotiate in 2013. The part time language on transfer is ambiguous and unless you stay on top of it your not getting a better work area either.Not only that after progression you get( full time inside) top rate a lot more than the pt'er doing the same job right next to you.
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    "I was told that 804 is looking in to adding more to the local contract and I was wondering if things will get better."

    Has anyone heard anything?
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    Hot and Cold running champagne and underwater dancing of Saturday nights.

    Seriousley though, give your BA a call see what they are trying to add in the next contract. Go to a union meeting.
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    I have been to 90% of the meetings over the past 10 years, but the drivers are always the focus. At the meetings, we are the forgotted ones!!!
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    @804 you are exactly right on this issue , Im a combo inside/shifter and while Im thankful to be full-time something we have earned after 13 years part-time , there is still much work to be done within the classification , more langauge , more opportunity , more pay . Seriously , we do the same jobs as pure fulltime employees and get a second class pay scale . At my hub , we have whats known as a shifter/shifter , REALLY ??, and the pure fulltime shifters are making 6,7 $$$ dollars more an hour , while the combo,s are doing the same job , thats stupid . we got sold out .
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    Then stand together and be noticed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Start squeaking!!