The Purple Bailout

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    Why has Congress always favored FedEx? What does it mean to you? Go to and find out why Fred Smith has always had a special rule that allowed him to keep his company non-union. Watch a greasy-haired smooth talker try and blame UPS for the failure of FedEx to properly manage their business. After all, why can't FedEx compete by the same rules as UPS since both companies perform the same tasks, using the same methods and equipment? Whenever a UPS plane lands on your street and the pilots jump out to deliver your pkg let them know you support them in their fight for equal treatment under the law.

    Call up your local Tea Party candidate right now and tell him or her how outraged you are that one company (FedEx) gets special treatment in an economy that's supposed to be based on Free Market principles. Sarah Palin says that Fred Smith should have to fend for himself instead of having a one-sided exemption that allows him to save 40% in labor costs over UPS. Mr. Smith also enjoys an advantage in the Ground realm, where employees are defined as "contractors". Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave if he knew how lop-sided and unfair this lack of competition really is. Did you know UPS actually provides a real retirement plan for it's employees and that FedEx doesn't? Someday, all of those FedEx people will be draining our economy dry because they won't be able to retire without Federal assistance. Imagine, Fred Smith and all of his Purple friends in Congress suckling off the Federal teat with their defacto subsidy.

    When you come right down to it, it's un-American for one company to be able to run our politicians with their dirty money and equally dirty tricks. The next thing you know,Fedex will be hiring illegal aliens to steal away the jobs of good God-loving real Americans like you. UPS stands for the same things you do!!

    Call your Congress member today and let them know how you feel! Stop the Purple Bailout dead in it's tracks.
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    keep up the fight mr fed ex!!!
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    This is your funniest post yet. Keep up the good work, I can use the laughter.
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    The laugh is on you if you can't see the hypocrisy of the Brown Bailout. You've got poor little Fred crying "special interest" when he's been the recipient of preferential treatment for decades.
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    It might be a nice piece if he got the facts right. First paragraph he says ground is covered as an airline. Not so. Ground has always been covered by the NLRB. So if the premise is simply false, then the question is, "What agenda is this guy trying to advance?"
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    He says "express delivery ground operations", I think he's talking about FEDx express courier drivers not FEDx Ground drivers.
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    Seems like he's mucking about in semantics.
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    these are the imbeciles who have forgotten what a mushroom clokd looks like.

    they have forgotten upton sinclair "the jungle"

    the afl-cio that lead to the unions that made fed ex a "good job" because of the FEAR of the unions

    the doughboys, the great depression, dec. 7th 1941, d-day, taft-hartley 1946, the made in vietnam label,

    hey, i got it good today so who cares about you and tomorrow, right?
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    You need to update your history on unions.
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    Most of the events you just referenced mean nothing to them. If Fred had been a business owner during Sinclair's lifetime I'm sure he would have made it into "The Jungle".