The raise in 2002 was bigger than in 2019

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Benben, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Benben

    Benben Working on a new degree, Masters in BS Detecting!

    Just pulled out my contract book, Aug 1,2002 through July 31, 2008.

    We actually got larger raises 17 years ago!


    YOU REPRESENT US, NOT UPS :censored2:!!!!!
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  2. Kanovic

    Kanovic My job is fun

  3. Benben

    Benben Working on a new degree, Masters in BS Detecting!

    $.75 in 2002!

    $.70 in 2019!
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  4. SanguiniusII

    SanguiniusII Member

    They likely thought they could weasel it through without anyone noticing. Vote no.
  5. MenInBrown

    MenInBrown Well-Known Member

    This contract is going down the toilet. What a waste of our money for these clowns.
  6. bowhnterdon

    bowhnterdon Active Member

    BUG says vote Yes!!!
  7. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Absolutely a no vote!!!
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  8. What'dyabringmetoday???

    What'dyabringmetoday??? Well-Known Member

    Easy there.... he has nearly forty years of experience.
  9. BrownSkid

    BrownSkid LeBrown Shames

    It's actually .75 in 2019 we get the .70 this Aug 1st if this thing passes.

    Looked up average gallon of gas in 2002- $1.35 our cost of living has changed since then but the union and UPS disagrees, I'm sure.
    I'm a NO vote.
  10. Benben

    Benben Working on a new degree, Masters in BS Detecting!

    my bad, the raise in 2002 was bigger than in 2018!
  11. Not to be non-union but I already make a good wage. The raises imo are icing on the cake to me.

    At $36+/hr plus free healthcare and ot after 8 hrs I cannot ride the sour grapes train in regards to hourly rate for my classification.
    @BigUnionGuy , what does freight average for ltl and dsd?

    There's other issues to fight in the nma but for me wage increases are not part of it for me.

    Let's fix the other parts that are bleeding while we can. Just mho.
  12. Over 70 package

    Over 70 package New Member

  13. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    Looked at my paystub this week and was reminded that union dues is $90/mo. What a joke. I'm guessing union dues wasn't $90 in 2002. Same raise amounts though?
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  14. John Boy

    John Boy Member

    Top me at $40 and give me more vaca/opt days.
  15. BigBrown87

    BigBrown87 If it’s brown, it’s going down

    I'm sure @Tony Q will tell you it's great are raised are less then a raise in 2002. Dont worry the union will cut the next contract raises so UPS can get new 22.5 drivers that deliver at 12am at $18hr, dude will except a pizza and see the ups guy delivering lol.
  16. Tony Q

    Tony Q Well-Known Member

    What would you propose that the raises should have been. Break it down for me over five years.
  17. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Just a turd

    A dollar a year. Five dollar total
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  18. Tony Q

    Tony Q Well-Known Member

    Where would you have taken it from?
  19. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Just a turd

    UPS profit that we helped create. Should we not share in that? Are you telling me that they said you get this much and that's it?
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  20. Tony Q

    Tony Q Well-Known Member

    So with this contract worth over 14.8 billion over 5 years, do you think this will eat away at those profits you don't like very much?