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  1. luckee23q

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    I work for the UPS store and I just wanted to know do I get the same discounts as regular UPS employees?? I went to ATT last night and they gave me 20% off. Any answers please?? Thanks!
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    Let me pick you guys up before 6:30 and I'll tell you!
  3. klein

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    UPS employees get no discount whatsover !
    The UPS Store I delivered and pick-upped though, gave me a 25% discount on their own dime.

    Shipping anything thru my center, I had to pay full price.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    UPS Stores are franchises. Employees of the UPS Store are not UPS employees. You received a discount which you were not eligible to receive.

    What fun would that be?

    Read much?

    UPS employees have an entire website full of discounts that we are eligible for, to include 20% off cell phone service through ATT. UPS Store employees are not employees of UPS so they are not eligible for these discounts.

    UPS employees do not receive discounts on shipping.
  5. Mr. 7

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    That sucks.
    Working for X I get 75% off express shipping and 50% off ground. And, I use this benefit.
  6. klein

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    I know, and you also get flight discounts, too.
  7. Cementups

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    Being a UPS employee, I have gone into X in my Browns and also received your discount. Seems it's good marketing for them to have the brown man using their service.

    One time I had an issue that came up at UPS and my management team became aware that I was using X to ship my packages for my side business and they asked me why I used X and I replied, "They give me a discount just for walking in the door and setting up an account but yet I work for Brown for so-and-so years and yet I get nothing. I apologize for not being loyal but when it comes to my business making a profit, every penny counts." Nothing else was ever said about the issue again.
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    You're not a UPS employee, but franchisees and employees of franchisees are eligible for a number of discounts. Ask your store manager or franchise owner.

    (Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless each offer discounts. AT&T Wireless isn't on the list. However that doesn't mean they don't offer discounts. It just means they haven't agreed to offer a specific discount under contract.)
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    I did not know that. And that's so very odd.
  10. Coldworld

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    Why is it any damn business of your management team of what kind of shipping you use for an outside business...maybe if they want us all to use ups for shipping they should try to treat us as part of the company and not some pieces of chit....
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    Not using UPS for shipping while an employee is kinda like working in a Ford plant and driving a Chevy.
    As far as the "no discount" thing the first time I walked into a customer center in my browns, I was told it's the "friends and family" pricing plan. "You pay what we pay."
    If you ship through paypal shipping the prices are better though, I guess it's corporate pricing. You have to have a balance in your paypal acct to do this though, it's ok when you've just sold something on ebay but to ship something else you have to maintain a balance or send the money to your paypal acct and wait a couple of days.

    That being said, lately I've been using the USPS, their tracking is much improved over what they had a couple of years ago and I was told by someone else who sells on ebay and ships with them that an insurance claim is much easier to make than UPS.
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    There is a bit more to the story but I prefer to only give you the highlights and the parts relevant to this post.
  13. Mr. 7

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    I'm glad to hear X cut you a break. In my mind, we're all in the same line of work. We all deliver stuff, whether your USPS, UPS, X, whatever.

    On my rt. I know where some UPS guys and their families live and work, I go out of my way to do an extra good job delivering to them. Heck, just this morning, I ran into the UPS guy that del'd to my house twice this week (I happen to know him for a while) in the coffee shop. They must have recently moved him into my neighborhood. I made a big point to say "Hey, I've noticed that the UPS service in my neighborhood has dramatically increased lately, I think I'm gonna call your sup. and tell him".
  14. klein

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