Think about it striking is not the way

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by ja7618, Jun 17, 2002.

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    If we were to strike it would be so foolish, times are not right and we would lose more than a few weeks of pay, we might lose our jobs completely. Then what have we got, I've been at UPS 23 yrs and can truly say I have never be mistreated never had my pay check wrong except for when the union kept taking double money out for my union dues.
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    If this is anything like the last contract, we won't have a choice whether we go on strike or not. We've already given strike authorization and the Teamster leadership can put us on the steet without giving us a chance to vote on the company's proposal, as Carey did in '97. Keep your fingers crossed.
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    Relax Bro, it will all be wrapped up in a couple weeks. Noone wants a strike, and the compnay is not pushing the issue of withdrawing from the joint pension plan, which was the root cause of the last strike.
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    So, I have a question. If Hoffa were to call a strike, what would happen if the majority of the Teamster's crossed the line??

    I can't understand why the brotherhood would give him that leverage.
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    If the majority of the teamsters crossed the line, the strike would be over. The company would bring in replacement workers and give the holdouts a deadline to report to work or be permanently replaced. And that would probably signal the end of a strong union at UPS. It's basically the scenario that the company was hoping for last time. Both the Union and the Company realize, hopefully, that another strike would be a disaster for both. The Union would likely win the strike, but the loss in volume would be tremendous, and a lot of union jobs be lost, probably permanently. We give the union the authority to strike because when negotiating with a tough company like UPS, the threat of a strike is really the only leverage the negotiating comittee has. If we hadn't authorized a strike, the company would be perfectly happy to let talks drag on forever, while we worked without a contract, without raises, etc, etc. With no leverage, the union negotiating comitte would basically not be negotiating at all, and eventually would just have to put whatever the company offered up for a vote. It wouldnt matter how awful it was, even if we voted it down, UPS would be under no pressure to offer anything better. It's a shame it has to be that way, but there it is.
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    Why does the union insist on coming out with negative news? What if the company said, "the Teamster proposal is totally unsatisfactory and off the wall"? What are the Teamsters trying to do? Intentionally drive customers away and therefore lose members? Are they all idiots????? Or is it just egos, like with Carey????
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    It's a learned response. As I said in my earlier post, the threat of a strike is the only real leverage the union negotiating team has. When no news is released, or only good news (the company handles that end), the talks seem to stall. Without the threat of lost volume, the company feels no pressure to negotiate. It's what was happenning prior to the strike vote. After the strike was authorized, the talks started making real progress. Nobody believes that is a coincidence. Rightly or wrongly, the contract negotiations with UPS have become a game of brinksmanship, where UPS faces the threat of lost business and the teamsters face the threat of lost jobs. I don't like it, but both sides are responsible. The union is just playing the game with the only card they have. I will be glad when they wrap this up.
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    I'm tired of strike threats. I'm going to work August 1st and thereafter. A benefit of being a nonmember is the fact one is not subject to internal union discipline. If there is a strike for example, a crossing nonmember can't be legally fined by the union.
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    Unfortunately, you will likely receive threats
    from some of your hard core union peers, and God
    forbid even physically harmed. It happened in
    1997, and will happen again. Its a terrible
    shame, especially for those who don't work in
    a right to work state. I do envy your courage
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    I'm fully aware of the past union casualties from the infamous '97 strike. Let's see, one driver was stabbed in the back with an icepick and countless others suffered union fines for either speaking their mind and/or going to work.

    My steward tried to intimidate me about a month ago about my nonmember status, but backed down when he noticed I wasn't bothered by his pestering. In fact, by taking this stance, I think I won some respect from my fellow co-workers because this guy can be a bully sometimes. I've had enough and plan on going in regardless if there is a strike or not. If there is, I wouldn't be surprised if others followed my lead because I know there is some discontent about Hoffa's dues hike.
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    Count me in too.

    I crossed day one in 97 and worked everyday. Following the strike I gave testimony to the United States Senate (Judiciary Committee) on Union Violence. I was able to meet the driver from Miami that was stabbed in the back with an ice pick by union thugs.

    If UPS had held out one more week in 97 the Teamsters would be history. The Teamsters demise would have opened the door for us to form our own association and be rid of criminal control.
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    I think the real "SCABS" are those that day after
    day come to work and do anything they can to not
    work. They abuse the system, and have the union
    to protect their butts! Luckily the VAST majority
    of UPS workers perform their duties and then some.
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    Most impressive upsdude! There should be more hearings held on this subject. Union thugs are not above the law. The Freedom from Union Violence bill should be passed into law to put some teeth back into the Hobbes Act.
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    Drivers were not the only ones threatened during the last strike. There were 4 managers within a 2-mile radius that received threatening letters placed (not mailed) in their mailboxes. Basically the letters said not to do teamster work and that they knew the managers had wives and kids, and they knew where the managers lived. (Obviously since the letters were put in the mailboxes.) All 4 letters had ice pick stabs in them and this happened after the driver had been stabbed with the ice pick and it had been all over the news.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. It only adds to the outrage. I was disgusted with the '97 strike to begin with and became totally appalled when I read the news accounts of this savage incident. When the Carey money laundering scandal broke, my conscience couldn't stand it any longer. These events forced me to learn my legal rights and so I resigned. I refuse to associate myself with any organization where the philosophy is the ends justifying the means.
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    The Great Strike of '97 showed UPS our proud side,(except for scabs but they have to live in shame everyday) and no pilots or aircraft mechanics crossed the picket line. The Air Hub I worked at was staffed by proud members that fought a brave battle and won, hopefully they will win again in 2002. Many scabs and mgt people drove thru the picket line only to find somehow their tires had tacks in them. The scabs were told that wreckers could be called for, but mgt members had gse scabs to plug their tires. The scabs were treated to UPS kindness, and they never forgot.
  17. my2cents

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    So you are proud to be a goon? I see no honor in that at all.
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    Yes, mytwocents, you being a scab could not be worth anything more my friend. You are no more than a spineless creature and you will never know the word "honor."
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    So you find honor in vandalizing property and terrorizing defenseless people?
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    It's no use getting worked up about mindless lemming-like creatures like this kjones514. To them, gutless acts of violence are completely acceptable behavior. In the '97 work stoppage they were part of a mob that outnumbered those they disagreed with. Creatures like this are always "brave" when they are a part of a group. They quickly lose their "courage" when faced with having to act on their own. They are beyond contempt.