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    ok i know 90% of you will say not to play #'s game etc. but the ive had a problem where my business route has not been planning to 8hrs. ive gone from 80-85 stops to 95-100 becuase my volume has gone from ~350 to under 300. i know have an aditional block of business to get the stop count up. we all know that 100 stops with 299 pieces is alot more work than 80 stops with 375 pieces but my plan still does not make 8 sometimes.

    what im looking for is how exactly to maximize the allowance for the work im doing (not cheating).

    i know alot of the basics
    enter over 70s
    enter floor numbers for 2nd 3rd floor del.

    with pick-ups we are instructed to at least scan air/international. if i scan the grounds as well will that give me any additional allowance? any other tips?

    the problem is when i dont plan over 8hrs i end up with a house split the next day which makes it impossible. i end up having to meet someone to take my pick-ups in then run the houses at the end of the day. or skip lunch which i wont do!
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    How many miles per day do you usually travel? And how many pickups do you have? What is your typical SPORH?
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    Hey Rodster how's PAS workin out for you, hahaha. Heard it was implemented even worse than just south of you guys. Hard to believe that UPS still has uninformed idiots setting these things up. Enjoy the nightmare, 4 years and runnin down here.
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    Where's BrownIEman???

    I DOUBT that entering a floor number in the address field affects your numbers at all. I've heard it (here at BC), but I don't believe it.

    I want the FACTS!!!!
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    I like it a lot actually. I am fortunate in that the route I am on at the moment has a very good trace. It just needs minor adjustments.

    So far I have not spent any time sorting. I just look at EDD, jump in back and grab a package then deliver it. Only time wasted in the back has been the few times a package was in EDD but not on my truck.

    So far I'm very impressed. But I realize I'm one of the lucky ones.

    If someone without any area knowledge jumped on the route I'm doing they would sink. But once the trace is fixed almost anybody should be able to pull this route off. I know when to not follow EDD. I'm going to try to talk to the PAS guy this morning and get a few things fixed.
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    "Jump in back and grab a package?". Someone better be tipping your preloader handsomely this Christmas!!! The only way that happens in my truck is if I get in the truck 45 minutes before start and sort the load myself.
  7. hurricanegunner

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    Don't worry about the numbers; they mean nothing. If they give you more businesses to run, take your full lunch between the fourth and sixth hour and send a message saying you will have missed businesses. Don't try to tweak the numbers. If they harrass you for production, file a grievance. Just do your job honestly and leave the rest up to them.
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    If he takes his lunch between the 4th and 6th hour it may not be legal as per the contract. I don't know offhand if that is covered under the master or your local supplement but in my building it was always said to be 3rd and 5th hour. If he goes outside the contract and can't get the work done it will turn up under the magnifying glass and something will be said. Our old center manager didn't really care when we took our lunch as long as there were no service issues. If there were, you had to make a trip to his office the next day and start explaining:knockedout:
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    How do you enter floor number? I'm guessing its the same place you would enter apt # or Lot #.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You would enter room or suite number if you deliver to a multistory office bldg but I seriously doubt that there is a time allowance for this.
  11. helenofcalifornia

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    It's the next space over from room number in the DIAD. I have been told that yes it gives you more time and no, it used to but now it doesn't. I still enter it. Signatures always give you more time but are they worth the wait is the question. (And really only applies to rezzies.)
  12. klein

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    Yes, it does have a fl #, I think I remember it's a line below the apt# , at about the same spot. They told us, it gives you time allowance.
  13. pretzel_man

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    Each stop will give you planned time. So will each package. The planned time for a stop is much larger than the planned time for a package. The amount of the planned time for each is dependent on the unit is was picked up / delivered in.

    There are other items that give "additional" planned time. (COD, Signature, Over 70, etc.)

    The number of miles also give you planned time. (this is in addition to to/from travel)

    Just record accurately. Its tempting to "pad" stops or "pad" miles. You'll get caught. Follow the methods. Record accurately. Work at a brisk pace.

  14. GoBrown???

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    in my building we have a few routes that are illegal according to the contract. the routes are all businesses and in order to make all the work on time the driver takes his lunch at the end of the day at 5:30 after his last pickup. it would be nice if the IE people would be smart and take routes like that and split it into two. maybe a 60-40 business route and a 40-60 house route. unfortunately most of the IE people i know havent got a clue. i did one of the routes and stopped to take lunch at my 4th hour. i ended up having 17 missed business stops. they brought me in the office but i brought the contract and said i will not skip my lunch. havent been on the route since. as far as numbers...they are a joke. there is no such thing as paid over or paid under...fair days work for a fair days pay
  15. UPSGUY72

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    Don't worry about it just make sure you take you two 10 min breaks and your full lunch everyday. If your skip them or cut your lunch short to get you route done. There just going to keep adding stops.

    Remember it is what it is. Just becasue the computer tells them its an 8 hours day dosen't mean it actually is.


    Make sure your rec is correct
    example; you pickup5 airs 4 2day 15 ground ltrs 1 hivalue 5ints
    reca 5
    recb 4
    recc 15
    int 5
    hival 1
    this will add 5 to 10mins every day
  17. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    One thing I did (don't know if it is correct), but if you have 2 40lb packages going to the same place (mark 1 over 70).

    Or if I had large packages to deliver, and it took several dolly trips into the BLDG... per trip, I would mark down 1 over 70.

    (I had a computer store, getting large boxes all the time, 10 -30 per trip)... in and out thru the front door....with dolly.... was a pain....and time consuming.
    So, eventually, per trip inside, I would mark 1 over 70.
  18. hurricanegunner

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    In our local, it's the fourth and sixth hour. I forgot that not all locals have the same particulars. Sorry about that.
  19. browniehound

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    I'm sorry, but UPS dug their own grave on this one. They insist on the hour lunch(with hope knowledge drivers will skip part of it at times) yet contractually agree to the hour lunch between the 4th and 5th hour.

    It was fine in the past when drivers would agree to take it at their own time. It only backfired when UPS decided to OJS everyone for .3 stops/hour. Now their routes that are 100% business have no flexibility. the driver must take his lunch and those packages are either missed or your wasting fuel and labor costs to have a residential driver come and take the work.

    My guess would be to back off. Let the drivers take lunch when they want or pay them for half of it. Save the fuel and labor of a driver coming from another town. Is your .3 gain in SPORH going to matter when you have another guy 2 hours over to make that?

    My goodness, how are we still in business...
  20. GeorgiaBrown

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    Nothing plans a route like miles. If you have a route with a good edd order then you are screwed......if you are like a lot of us, then making a bigger loop to get your deliveries off may help you a bit.... just be careful........I avoid this because I can finish early and I want to run my route in as tight a loop as possible..... I also had an issue where my route would not plan worth a damn.... had the reputation as one of the worst planning routes in our center...... but now I have a huge bulk delivery stop and management has me running two package cars per day and I get an extra 36 miles out of it.... adds at least an hour onto my planned day this way...... about 20-30 percent of the routes in my center are so far out of whack that if you ran them in trace according to edd you would be out till 10 pm every night.... my route is like this..... I totally ignore edd.........nobody knows how to run my route better than I do......that includes IE (especially)

    By the way...... I am not advocating padding your miles..........I just know that miles help you plan...... and I am also aware that a lot of drivers do this (I know because I see them cruising along on my route on a daily basis & and I hear things..... as we all do).....If your edd does not make sense and seems like it would have you too far spread out..... then try running it in 100 percent edd order one day and see if it increases your miles.....(if I did this for my route.....I could add easily 10 miles per day to my total)