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  1. Deeohem

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    I'm tired. It's been a long day and it seems like a long week, but that's not all the tired.

    I'm tired of feeling that I didn't do enough at work.

    I'm tired of spending close to an hour a day doing paperwork

    I'm tired of TSG being the responsible one. I'm tired of eating a sev2 when the building has no power.

    I'm tired of temperature logs because there's no AC in the same room as my IDF

    I'm tired of Sev 5 logs that should be Sev 6.
    I'm tired of Sev6 logs that should be Sev 5.

    I'm tired of the Win2K sunset. We've known about it for quite a while. Why weren't we (corporate, region, geo) more agressive in going after these?

    I'm tired of project deployments. 10 months out of the year are non-peak, why does it seem like most projects rollout in the 3 summer months?

    I'm tired of project expectations changing. First our partners are supposed to do this. then we're not waiting, go do it, then we need to assist our partners.

    I'm tired of PTMs. We're a multi-billion dollar company, and we're using 20 year old devices which are only getting flakier and flakier. why didn't GTS roll with new hardware?

    I'm tired of every week finding a new report that we're graded on and wouldn't you know it, we missed and got a BSC exception because *I* didn't do the report.

    I'm tired of the ERI. Yes, I know that it's 'postponed indefinately' but we still have to have meetings and there's only so many ways I can say that management won't act on anything.

    It's the weekend. I need to forget about UPS for the next 50 hours and recharge. I hope everyone else here has a good weekend
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    Are you tired of "user" upgrades yet?
  3. Deeohem

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    User upgrades of PFT are the greatest thing since NetOp :happy2:

    I'm just waiting for when GSS is finally a user upgrade. Been expecting it since we the web upgrade first deployed
  4. prcrash

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    Here, here! PMT is the bane of my existence... It's a system setup in favor of reports, not customer service.
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    did you read that in a report somewhere? :funny:
  6. Copious

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    Do something about it. Make change.
  7. Dagoof

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    Im tired of stupid acronyms that nobody knows what is being said.
  8. killer300

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    I'm tired of watching the middle managers struggling and scared to try to get silly things done without a clue all for the big guy.
  9. ol'browneye

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    I'm tired of all this frickin' rain!
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    I did! I got out...showing my dislike in the only real way I can... and only 5 years later than I planned.

    I think TSG is a great place for newbie techs to get their feet wet... What with all the Step by frackin Step docs and not being allowed to have our hands in anything that could get us in to trouble... (Server Configs, Switches, Routers, etc)

    Now I just gotta figure out how to get my last 2 days of disc. pay that I "earned".

    The 2 things I've learned from people who have left UPS... 1) Stop your direct deposit as SOON as you think you may be leaving. Direct deposit is a 2 way street... so if they think you owe them money, they can grab it from your account
    and 2) Use your "earned" discretionary days before you give notice. They are NOT paying them out... at least in our region they are not.

    You have been warned!!!

    Good luck to the rest of you still in the trenches... Jan. looks to be another bad time.
  12. randomUPSISer

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    I'm sure alot of people will be following your lead. Last head count I took about 40% of the people in my I.S. department were at least talking about doing the same thing.