To believe or not to believe, that is the question?

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    Just got the newest issue of UPS teamster magazine. A lot of hall/Hoffa propaganda in this issue. Not surprised. According to “them” we will not be seeing concessions in the upcoming contract, which by the way sounds like they are close to starting the negotiations. What do you think? Concessions?
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    No no and no!
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    Oh yes.
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    Consider the word "concession". What would you be conceding? That UPS is not profitable? That you are over-paid? Do you think productivity expectations would change just because you "concede" the company's "right" to screw the hourlies or more likely future employees? What do you think the company is ready to concede?
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    ups nets 5.4 billion .. they want the 8 billion they were getting before the recession . concession ?
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    You must be a rookie to ask these questions
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    I have 22 years in and think that there will some form of concession in 2013. I think that there will be a two-tiered wage system for new drivers and that UPS will offer a signing bonus to try to get it approved. Health care will be discussed and there will be stonger and more clearly defined language on the use of technology for discipline. Production standards will be discussed.
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    It doesn't matter what the language will be if we don't enforce it collectively. There is presently plenty of good and potentially effective language in our contract that goes unenforced. What good will new tougher language be if not used by the membership? This indictment is on all Teamsters, from the bottom to the top.
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    we have a union?? oh, thats right its election time, this is when they suddenly appear................
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    You are the union, even when you choose to not participate.
    Perhaps you should consider thanking those who do?
    They and their predicessors made possible what you have today.
    Without them....
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    To believe, or not believe.
    Nice take on Hamlet's soliloquy.
    Way back in the stone age ,when I was in college, I confronted my English professor about Shakespeare's opening line as incorrect English. I held the argument that "to be, or not to be", is two questions.
    After we fished that BabyRuth out of the punch bowl, we read the original writings.
    "To be, or not to be, I there's the point."
    It was not a question, but a point that made it a singular thought.
    Long winded as my post has been, my point is that one will concede, or not.
    Therein lies the rub.
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    Since you've brought it up, could it be seen as the answer to an unspoken question boiled down to the flip sides of the same coin in order to delineate the aforementioned internal query?

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    Did the company offer each ft and pt employee money if they signed the contract back in '97 ? It rings a bell but can't seem to 100% remember !

    ALSO, I really don't believe anything both sides say until they sit down and start negotiating. Hoffa has to know that most drivers are :censored2: that last contract's 9.5 language was changed AFTER we signed the contract. Plus sticking all the "technological" advances since then on us has been a punch in the gut.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I do seem to recall that there was talk of either a signing bonus or profit sharing in the initial offer--it was not included in the contract that we voted on.

    With the rate at which technological advances are made these days, and given that our contracts are 5 years, it is very difficult to account for any and all anticipated changes in technology when negotiating a contract.
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    People like my grandfather.
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    You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    Anyone find it odd that Obama care and the contract are seemingly going to come in together?
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    "It must have been while you we're kissin' me"
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    WHo are your going to believe Hoffa or your lying eyes?