Tomorrow's Financial Report

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  1. Tomorrow's Financial Report
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    Gotta love the misleading statement: "Contract negotiations began with the Teamsters union during the quarter. The current contract expires July 31." I can just see hundreds of companies shifting to FedEx thinking a strike is possible a week from now. Uh, that's July 31, *2008*.
  3. New technologies should help reduce labor costs, Larkin said, although the rollout of the company's Package Flow technology "was not as smooth as expected."

    Hahaha if thats referring to what I think it is, thats an understatement. Though I have to say PAS is getting better at our center....very slowly, but better nonetheless. :laugh:
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    Package Flow Technology (PFT) is the same as PAS. PAS was the old name before it was called PFT. I think PAS stands for Preload Assist System, but I could be wrong. It's been a year and a half since I was in a UPS building.