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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Aug 23, 2003.

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    On Wednesday August 20, 2003 Milagros Milly Rodriguez age 40 passed away. Milly was a FedEx driver that covered the same territory as me. Milly had been under a large amount of stress lately, FedEx had been threatening her (and others) with layoffs and other disciplinary action. Milly and other FedEx drivers told me stories of how the company would lay them off for the day and hire a Taxi company to complete their deliveries. Milly arrived at work Wednesday morning feeling ill and asked for the day off, her request was met with anger. A few minutes later she collapsed. Employees were ordered to not touch her and an ambulance was called. Two part time employees in the building were certified EMTs, they were forbidden from attempting to give aid. Milly was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Early reports indicate a brain aneurysm as the cause. Milly was a single parent and leaves behind 3 children, 13, 16, and 21. She was very proud of her sons and that she had just purchased her first home. Milly was a great person and her customers loved her dearly. We liked to have lunch at the same fast food joint, Ill miss the jokes about our trucks fighting in the parking lot. Milly called everyone Sweetie, Milly, that word describes you too.

    FedEx (or UPS for that matter) would just have to fire me, Im certified in CPR and I will try to help a person in need. Ill let the local news media help me get the job back.
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    Am sorry your friend died, and under such circumstances....terrible! She apparently was
    a strong-willed person and deserved more than being left to die un-aided.

    And they would have had to fire me as well!
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    Just think about the people who she must of worked for that would watch a person in need of help just suffer because some superisor didnt want the liability.
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    <font color="0000ff">That happened at another UPS in my area. An unloader collapsed and everyone was forbidden from touching/helping him and everyone was told to keep working and the guy died. Pretty lame. </font>
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    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. She was your friend 1st and a competitor 2nd. FedEx, like UPS, has wonderful people working for them, and whenever one is lost, we all feel the emptiness and void it creates.

    Did you witness this yourself, or did you hear of it from "reliable" sources? We all know the power of rummors and how they spread. I'm not suggesting it didn't happen, I'm mearly questioning the accuracy of what you portrayed.
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    ups-vette (I love that "name" !)

    I had the same concerns about the FedEx situation (did they REALLY leave her unattended). Three FedEx employees I know verified the story. Also, a UPS management employee verified the story. The management employees spouse works in the same FedEx facility and witnessed the situation. I know we live in a different world (Too many lawyers) now days, but sometimes a person just has to do whats right and let the chips fall where they may.

    Different situation, but a few years ago while working as a police officer I was sent to investigate a fatal auto crash. The two teenagers killed were still in the car and severely mangled. A reporter for the local paper began taking pictures before I had a chance to hide the bodies from view. I asked him several times to please show some respect and stop snapping pictures. He refused. I grabbed his camera, removed the film and tossed it into a lake. That little episode cost me 5 days pay, but I never lost a minutes sleep. It was the right thing to do.
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    UPSdude, good work for doing the right thing! Too often we do what we're told and don't look at the fallout. Having pictures like that does no one any good.
    I would have done the same.
    Likewise, if an EMT is capable of helping someone, telling them not to is irresponsible.
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    I am an EMT. So I know a little about this subject.

    "If you are off-duty and happen upon the scene of an accident, you are not LEGALLY obligated to stop and assist the victims. However, if you come upon an accident, you have a MORAL and ETHICAL duty to act due to your special training and expertise." ["American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons - Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured", Sixth Edition, page 47].

    So even if someone (even my non-medical supervisor/manager) instructs me not to assist, ETHICALLY I have the responsibility to provide medical assistance, and I assure you that most EMTs (at least all those that I personally know) would do so.
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    <font color="0000ff">Yes it happened. The hub is only about 30 minutes from here and not only did our sups mention it to us but and I have friends that work there that I can talk to. Also...our feeder driver makes his runs there. I can't come up with a reason why I would have made this up????</font>
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    Its not that we dont believe you, its just one of those things that make you wonder.If there were 2 certified EMT`s(as you say) and I was dying, I hope to God I would die under that situation. If I lived, and was told by my workers what two guys wouldnt let the emts work on me, we would have 2 people leaving in body bags.Having witnessed the twin towers falling,if we didnt have all the people who helped, there would be more than the 4,000 people dead.Sorry to hear about your friend.Im sure she will be missed.
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    Agreed. I was a nationally registered EMT through the army over 20 years ago. I cannot imagine standing by in such a situation regardless of the sups instructions. If that part of the story is true then shame on those folks for ignoring their responsibility.
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    I didn't say you made it up. I have no reason to believe you did. But, like 804 said, it's hard for people to believe that anyone, especially someone with the skills and dedication of an EMT, would not assist in the event of an emergency, reguardless if they were told by their supervisor to stay away. Basic human nature and decency dictates we help our fellow man.
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    I too am a former EMT. I cant even imagine a certified EMT NOT giving aid regardless of what some manager says. To add to the other fine points:
    What happens now that the victims family (and lawyers) has two EMTs that will testify that they were prevented from giving aid?
    The more I think about it, the less I believe it. This would have hit the news. Can anyone find a link?
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    <font color="0000ff">The instructions were "keep working and let the EMT's handle it. They were too late. </font>
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    480 what was the cause of death?
  16. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">Heart Attach if I remember correctly.</font>
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    Afew years ago, I worked for a dispicable turd of a ctr mgr. I swear that if during one of his tirades at me in his office( I am in supervision) If he had suffered a heart attack, I wouldn't have helped him. And I am Red Cross certified in firdt aid and CPR. That is a cold observation, but sometimes, like Sadam, the world is a much better place without them.
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    I wasn't aware that being certified by the Red Cross in first aid and CPR gives you the discretion to assist who you want, and leave to die those you dislike. I was under the impression that being certified you would help everyone. I didn't know being yelled at equates to what Saddam has done. Thank goodness your parents never had reason to yell at you.
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    You are entitled to your opinion and I like yours! As far as ups_vette's trained response, I'd like to be present when he has his embolism so I can sell tickets to members who want to watch.

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    Excellent planning anti. The money will do you well as you defend yourself against manslaughter charges and litigation from the widow. Not sure whats going to help you when your itty bitty reproductive sac is roasting at 4000 degrees in hell. But then I'm sure your not a man of religion or you would not support such a calloused comment from your cohort.