Tribute to a Competitor

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Aug 23, 2003.

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    What a bunch of spewing hate we have going on here. Good grief folks, get off the computer and go find someone that needs a hug and give it to them. Sounds like everyone on this thread needs one. Have a good Holiday.
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    It's natural that a person such as you would condone lying and stealing and profiting from the death of others. It's not too much a streach of imagination that you have been suspended for stealing time and falsifying legal records. Otherwise you would not say warning letters and suspensions are unjustufied. Our prison system is full of people like you who are unwilling to admit their crimes.

    To say you're providing for your family by profiting from the pain and suffering of others is totally within your self absorbed view of right and wrong.

    No parent would teach their offspring to "stick to their guns" when the view of the child goes against everything society and humanity demands. By you saying your parents are proud of you is another example of your misguided views.

    Your condemnation of religion gives us all an insight to your goals in life.

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    Gets more and more like Teamsternet all the time!
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    You know why because Tie will not debate a subject. He will make a post to a thread. Someone will show how completely wrong it is.Then instead of showing or proving his side of a debatable subject he starts spewing profanity and insults because he cant back up what he says. After that the mud starts slinging. It's the same no matter who has an opposing view to his.
    Vette ...Anti is just talking crap. To say all those things about him is really not fair. His remarks maybe off color ,but saying those things and doing them are to different things.
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    kidlogic and cerebral warrior in the same oxymoron if I ever heard one! [​IMG] (Now I'll really catch it!)

    Lighten up guys. I agree with Dannyboy, you've turned this tribute into a war of words. Why don't you start a thread entitled UPS Hourly Vs. Management and argue all you want?

    upsdude...sorry to hear about your FedEx friend.
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    Proups if you going to sling mud at least use an example of something I was total wrong about.(goto managment vs hourlys) I also think it is funny that you talk crap then shame us for doing the same thing...weak.
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    My My now Kiddie is crying because I won't follow his rules of debate. Tsk Tsk. Does little Kiddie poo need a nappie?
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    Since I started this thread, let me finish it.

    This began as a tribute to a competitor and friend. Like us she worked very hard and was/is loved by her family. Some of you have turned this into a pre-school argument. The arguing in this thread over whos the biggest idiot, management or hourly, seems to be a tie (no pun intended). Please grow up or go away.
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    I admire you for starting this thread, and I admire you for reporting the facts as you know them, and the caring and thoughtful way you wrote it. It is horrendous what it was turned into. You had a wonderful relationship with a person you will miss, and that is what you stated. so sorry for your loss. It was a beautiful post.
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    And on these last two post, let's please end this thread.