Triple Pay Grievance Question?

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    Ok, so if I file a “supervisor working” grievance for a third time within 9 months, it should be at triple pay. Now, is that if you file a grievance three times on the same supervisor working, or three times on different supervisors working?
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    This is from big union guy, he comes off as old guard and a Hoffa supporter but knows his stuff.
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    From what I read it states INDIVIDUAL supervisor is to be found working 3 times In a 9 month rolling period. So in my opinion it would be the same supervisor working not multiple but I could be wrong just my thoughts.
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    It's on the same supervisor working
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    2 or more times, within a 2 year period.

    The following language is applicable to grievances arising from Article 37 Section 1(a)
    which allege intimidation, harassment, coercion or over supervision:

    1. Grievances not resolved by the Local or Area grievance procedure shall be forwarded to the National Article 37 Grievance Committee. Such Committee shall be comprised of an equal number of Union and Employer representatives and a sitting arbitrator who shall decide the merits and penalty of each case in the event of a deadlock by the Committee. Cases will be presented and decided in accordance with Article 8 and the National Grievance Committee Rules of Procedure.

    2. The Article 37 Committee shall be empowered to provide a monetary penalty for each proven violation of this Section up to a maximum penalty of three (3) times the employee’s daily guarantee depending on the severity of the offense.

    3. Any individual member of management deemed by the Committee to have committed two (2) or more violations of this Section within a two (2) year period shall be required to appear in person before the Committee for any subsequent grievance(s). Failure of the management person to appear, absent a legitimate excuse, shall result in a negative inference.

    You say that, like it might be a negative thing ? ;)

    (I was hoping.... that I wasn't being too subtle, with where my loyalties lie.)

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