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    "To protect from excessive overtime." So if High seniority bid drive John Doe is at 55 hours by Thursday, then yes he can inform management and they will most likely staff someone else. But John Doe can't come in on a Wednesday and say...hmmm, you know what! I want to go play some golf. Those are two completely different things.
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    You're looking at the wrong Article. 64 says when time off is available. That means when there are lower seniority guys who would otherwise be laid off, higher seniority guys have time off available. Especially if guys are already at the center, browned up and ready to go. It's kinda an unofficial thing here, based on practicality, that we give a minimum half hour notice, because our lay off guys don't actually come to the center (as no one should), because they would be entitled to four hours pay just for showing up. The half hour is so they have time to get ready and get into the center by start time.
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    Wrong again.

    Damn you ladies have turned into a bunch of pusillanimous.
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    Entitled to four hours pay just for showing up?

    Is this true? Where does it say that in your contract?
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    JC37 Package Rider


    Any employee with seniority standing shall receive a full day’s pay if put to work, or if not put to work after reporting shall be allowed one-half (½) day’s pay, unless notified the previous day that there would be no work.

    My state law provides for 2hrs show up pay anyway.
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    That's really how it should be. Even though I am usually relieved that I get a day to rest on the RARE occasion I get a layoff, it's still really lame to MAKE covers drive into work only to send them home.
    I could bump guys every Saturday to get the day off but personally I think it's a dick move. Just call out or make a request or just ask your sup if you need a day off. I just think it's a lil bitch move to show up and go "yeah I don't feel like doing that." And pass your hard day onto somebody else who has a family they want to go home and see
    Now, if we had a show up bonus in my center, sups would be forced to think twice about letting people bump
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    If you choose to go home, it's treated like an RO, no show up pay. They had work for you and you turned it down. A lot of newer drivers in my center don't mind getting the hours when they can. The point of show up pay is so management can't tell you to drive in to work, then send you home without any compensation for your time.
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