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    How many of you can remember receiving your turkey in a box like this. The package car in the picture is a P400. This box is 25 plus years old. The turkeys were excellent and the box strong. After every holiday season the box always came in handy to back away some new Christmas ornaments. I can always buy a turkey, but I will miss the box.
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    I'd say that box is way more than 25 years old. In my 24 years the oldest ones I can remember came in a white box that was very sturdy as well. What you have is a neat memento.
  3. david cassin

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    we didn't get sweet f a this year an absoulte disgrace for a company who has more than a few billion in cash,it was our busiest few weeks in alll the 21 1/2 years i have been with ups.no thanks what so ever.
    but the supervisors and managers are all laughing at us.*************
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    Yeah, I remember.

    Also remember how we had to DELIVER the turkeys to UPS employees at their home. Also remember how employee was not home (PROBABLY CUZ THEY WERE AT UPS?????), tried to indirect, came and left notice, went through the same routine 2 more times (CUZ UPS EMPLOYEE, EVIDENTLY WAS TOO DUMB TO SIGN NOTICE OR MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR DELIVERY OR PICKUP), and how, if weather was unseasonably warm, "package" would, uh, start to deteriorate and after about a week of this and sitting in cage whilst post card was sent out and subsequently ignored, this sloppy mess was thrown out! Sturdy cardboard box was worthless then.
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    some of you tend to advertise that UPS is worse than it really seems to be.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    UPS is no busier this year. Volume is down this year. The reason it seems so busy is because we are using less people to get the work done. Thanks for going the extra mile to help us save costs. You dedication is duly noted and much appreciated. :happy2:
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    I dont really go an extra mile, I pick off, come down, kill time, go home.
  8. UnsurePost

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    Maybe in your little area. Our hub has been far busier this year, infact around 30% more package volume than last late Nov/Dec.
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    Not Fair! I want heavier volume! We only went to like 42k one day in peak, few months before then we were steady around 24-26k

    I dont even sweat anymore, no wonder Im gaining a few pounds

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Aren't you the kid that works for free? I think that IS an extra mile my friend.
  11. UnsurePost

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    small buildings are different. we have averaged between 250,000, 270,000 on both our day and twi sorts. Last year was roughly 180-230k volume day/twi, peak day was 280k but that was by far higher than any other day during last peak. This peak we have already had 3 days near 280k and today is peak day, so we have more work for sure.

    Mid sort has been a bit lower than avg peaks, but still more than last year, averaging 120-150k. last year was 110-130k
  12. dannyboy

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    i remember the box. and for some customers, they got a turkey too. came with an address on the box. not many, i think on my route only two or three.

    wooden orn? now that is old!!!!!!!

    i have several of the boxes here, but they are a different style.


  13. NY11725

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    I see
  14. on our preload, we've been averaging about 42k per day last week and pretty much 40k a day for peak overall save the first few days. Today we did over 50k and are supposed to do at least that tomorrow as well. Pretty heavy for a recession, in fact pretty heavy in general regardless. :whiteflag:

    I'm not sure about our hub sorts but I'd imagine they're heavy too if we are.

    Before peak we did about 24-28k a day. :happy2:

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Little area? Not 30% more volume than last year. Maybe in your hub but not as a company. New Lane Enhancements has made some areas heavier and some areas lighter.... My area is far from small....
  16. over9five

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    I hate to brag, but mine is bigger than yours......