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    After 2 delivery attempts, i entered my info notice to submit a request for pickup. A couple hours later, it was processed since the tracking number says this:
    That was on a thursday night, so today (friday) i went to my local facility to pick up the package using the info notice i received . In which, they said that the package was unable to be picked up since it was redeliver to my address. A bit mad since the local facility is a bit hard to get to, i called up the 1800 number on my cell phone to check the status on my package and they said that it was not set out for delivery and was ready for pickup and that they will send a claim to my local facility to contact me. 2 hours later, i get a call from the local facility that they package was on a delivery truck and should be delivered at the end of the day. Another 2 hours later, i get another call that the truck returned and i can pick up the package later today (tonight). It seemed very odd that that my local facility never even processed the pickup request and lied about the delivery attempt since no one ring my bell or gave me a new notice. Can someone out there, please help and notify my local facility that I WANT TO PICK UP MY PACKAGE AND NOT HAVE IT AUTOMATICALLY REDELIVERED so i dont go through this massive package headache again since its very annoying
    Tracking Number: 1ZA3596A0386205417
    Info Notice: 9305 8076 0437
    My local hub:
    56-13 48TH ST
    MASPETH, NY 11378


    Whenever my local hub called me, they always seemed to be a in rush to hung up on me and didnt want to listen to my complaint which i found strange and a bit unacceptable

    DIS-REGUARD.: Someone heard my complaint and it looks like UPS sent a truck out directly to me to delivery the package so i dont have to pickup it again on monday..yay
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    Glad to hear it worked out thanks for using UPS
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    Your package has been delivered.

    Tracking Information
    Tracking Number: 1ZA3596A0386205417 Status: Delivered
    UPS has delivered the shipment.

    Delivered Delivered On: 08/20/2010 5:43 P.M. Signed By: HOFFMAN. Location: RESIDENTIAL. Delivered To: RIDGEWOOD, NY, US. Shipped/Billed On: 08/17/2010. Type: Package Service: GROUND. Weight: .50 Lb .