Union and Management argueing in front of employees.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Cubbies#1fan, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I have a question, I have been part time for a while now and this is the first time I have seen the union and managent argue in front of me and my coworkers. We have a new union guy in my buidling and as I was punching out and getting water I over heard a management person telling him what he should do while hes in his building. The union guy I heard tell him that he didnt work for him and could care less what he thought of him and or expected from him. this went on for a few minutes and the sup asked the union to leave his building. union guy said not a chance and he wouldnt leave unless the cops pulled him out. He said that as long as his members were in the building and in harms way he had every right to be on property.

    I know they were talking about packages blocking the entrance of trailers which is somehow a danger to the employees in the trailers?! How is that a danger to us loaders?

    I didnt think it was too professional for them to be having this dicsussion right at the main entrance/exit were everybody going by could hear it. Whos fault do you think this was? Can UPS call the cops on the union for this? Shouldnt the union listen to management? what do you all think?
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    The issue of packages blocking the entrance to the trailers is called egress. We are supposed to maintain clear egress at all times.

    You are right--the union rep and company mgt should not have been arguing in front of the employees. That is unprofessional. They should have gone in to one of the offices. Yes, the company does have the right to throw the union official out of the building as the union official is not an employee. He could be charged with trespassing if the police do have to be called to remove him.

    It would be ideal if union and mgt would have a cordial working relationship. Ours do--Sideburns (assistant BA) is in our building every Monday and he and our mgt team have a good working relationship.

    It sounds to me as though the new guy was trying to make a statement.
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    Wow, I never thought about it like that. So UPS does not have to allow the union on property? So its in the unions best interest to get along with USP or they can get booted. maybe that why I read how unhappy some of the poeple are here with their union.

    Egress you say, how can I keep it clean if my rollers are filled non stop? If I break off to clean the floor it just keep falling off. I wish there was some way to have a steady flow instead of getting hit with specials all night long. How would egress hurt me?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Suppose there was an emergency in the facility and your path to the designated exit was blocked--that is how egress could hurt you.
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    Hi Tie
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    The Union officials do have a right to be on the property. The contract states they have the right to investigate grievances. The company does not have the right to keep them from the building, The police will not remove them from the property because they are union as well and they know that the union has the right to be there to protect their members. They should not have been in an argument in front of everyone but sometimes it happens. I would go thank the union official for having the stones to stand up for the members, sounds to me like you have a good one working for you.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe Cubbies#1fan. You'll find a lot of opinions here and you have to learn to sort through them.
    In this instance, what grgrcr88 says above is my general understanding.
    Most locations in the US have amiable relationships between management and Union but since you are a Cubbies fan, you are probably from one of those areas where professionalism is NOT a respected behavior. :wink2:
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    C'mon Cubbies#1Fan! Man up, and tell us who you are!
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    We had business agents thrown off property more than once, we had hearing in a hotel, because he was not allowed back in building, now they had a sit down, all back to normal.
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    Unless Tie is on vacation at the CACH hub Cubbies is someone new. W.A.G. as to the union person he is discussing is. :happy-very:
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    Egress doesn't hurt you...lack of egress does. There is a federal mandate (thru OSHA) of at least 27 inches of clear escape walk path in all areas that are used to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. Ask your immediate supervisor how to maintain that quideline if it is being breached by irreg flow, etc. If you can't fix the egress violation yourself (in your work area) it is managements job to fix it. No one wants a catastrophe to happen at UPS.
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    Egress is a safety issue. A 28-inch exit path must be maintained under almost all circumstances from each employee to the outdoors. There is also ingress. That's the ability of emergency workers (Fire, Police, Ambulance, etc.) to get into the building along with their bulky equiptment.

    Here's some of what UPS has agreed to in the Contract . . .

    Authorized agents of the Union shall have access to the Employer’s establishment during working hours for the purpose of adjusting disputes, investigating working conditions, collection of dues, and ascertaining that this Agreement is being adhered to, provided, however, that there is no interruption of the Employer’s working schedule.

    Union requests to access Company vehicles and/or facilities for the purpose of investigating safety and health issues shall proceed as follows:
    Upon request of a Local Union, and with the approval of the UPS/IBT National Safety and Health co-chairs, representatives of the Union, accompanied by Company representatives, will be provided reasonable and necessary access to the Company’s vehicles and/or facilities for the purpose of investigating safety and health issues.

    Section 1. Recognition
    (a) The Employer recognizes and acknowledges that the National Union Committee and Local Unions affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are the exclusive representatives of all employees of the Employer in covered classifications. etc.
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    Talking about yourself in the third person is always hilarious!!!
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    upstate you are wrong about the union not having the right to be there. the agreement says they have the right and NLRB and many Fed. court cases have rules on this issue. get on any law site yourself and look up the info.
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    +1 on this
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    Come on! You should thank your union rep! He is looking out for you! Egress is a serious issue. What if there was an emergency such as a fire? Are you gonna climb over a mountain of boxes blocking your exit out of your trailer in panic when the alarm goes off? Possibly breaking an ankle while you climb the mountain of boxes in your attempt to escape then burning to a crisp in the fire?

    Keeping egress clean is one of the first safety methods UPS should have taught you! Hard to believe that you are a loader.

    Actually I think you are a troll.
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    you are a newhire huh,if you think thats unprofessional just wait and see what gos on around ups,i mean what do you think you work for some fortune 500 company or something.
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    Doesn't our contract grant permission for the BA to be on company property? It can't be trespassing if he has permission to be there.