UPS Canadian Driver going to Afghanistan

Matt Bradley

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Hey everyone. I am a full time canadian driver out of Ontario. I have been with UPS for about 3 1/2 years now. I am as well in the Canadian Forces Reserve (National Guard for the americans) I am currently on 2 years Leave of Absence to head over to Afghanistan with the army. I have been told I am the first driver in UPS Canadian History to go overseas while employed by UPS. UPS has been very supportive to me in granting me this time off. My supervisor took care of me within the company and even without filling out the proper paperwork, i was granted this time off. Just to let people know, how ****ty you think this company is, people are there to take care of you. I will be nominating UPS for what is called The Employee Relations award from The Canadian Forces Liason Council who award these to employers who have employees off serving their country.


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Thanks for your post Matt, and welcome to the Brown Cafe. I have nothing but respect for people who answer the call and serve their country. I wish the best for you and your family, be careful over there and I hope you post back more.:thumbup1:


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I know the popular opinion is this country is shifting away from the war in Afghanistan. However I have nothing but respect for everyone in our Armed Forces. Especially those that are overseas fighting for us.

Keep in mind, the support for the war my be slipping, but the support for our troops is stronger than ever.

Stay safe my friend!


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Matt, come home safe and sound, good luck to you and fellow servicemen going with you. Thanks for your service, please post when you come home.