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  1. Did ya'll see this :censored2: they created on UPSERS????
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    No, what is it?
  3. UPSERS - click the news category, you will see it on the top left i believe.
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    ups go?
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    It might be on there as well.
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    *cue monster truck voice* Sunday, Sunday, SUNN-DAAAAAAAY!

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    Q: Will UPS invest its savings from tax reform into UPS employee wages and other compensation?
    A: Tax savings will allow us to accelerate investments in our people, technology and facilities, leading to significant direct and indirect job creation. Contract negotiations with the Teamster are underway and discussion regarding wages and benefits will take place at the bargaining table and will be presented to represented employees for a vote as part of the overall UPS labor union contract.
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  9. Nothing about pensions?

    Umm...No vote
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    Q: What is UPS doing to help address the multi-employer pension plan crisis?
    A: UPS has been and is committed to working cooperatively with the IBT and other stakeholders to identify a long-term solution that is in the best interest of employees and the company. UPS’s solution has gained support among affected plans, union leaders and among some legislators.
  11. I don't want to hear this legislation BS
    I'm :censored2:ing tired of it. Make a good plan or you aren't getting my vote
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    This is hysterical:
    Our Bargaining Philosophy
    As negotiations commence, we remain committed to:

    • Fostering a positive, supportive and respectful work environment;
    • Facilitating open and honest communications with our employees, customers and stakeholders;
    • Working constructively with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters;
    • Considering all good-faith proposals brought to the table during negotiations;
    • Identifying reasonable solutions that strengthen UPS, position us for the future, recognize the contributions of our employees, and create opportunity for UPS stakeholders; and
    • Abiding at all times by federal labor and employment laws, the UPS Code of Business Conduct and the legacy of integrity fostered by UPS founder Jim Casey.
    We believe these negotiations offer UPS and its employees an opportunity to work together to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers, stay ahead of our competition and fairly reward the hard work, teamwork and determination of our employees.
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    They won't give out any information. It's all going to be purposely vague. They just want the customer to feel like they are in the loop.
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    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.!
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    That is the way I read it.
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    I heard UPS is going to encourage PT to vote this time since they are getting better wages in this contract.

    Time to sick it to the FT for a change.
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    Good luck. Unless Mommy votes, your plan is doomed .
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    Damn son, coming in strong. Maybe they’ll entice mommy to vote with a 6 pack of Millet High Life.
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    These snowflakes are more worried about their phones and earbuds than voting. No need to worry about that voting block.
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