UPS Freight stealing revenue from ISRs

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by gamecock65, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I just love it when one of my customers decide to use UPS Freight instead of CWT... makes my numbers look wonderful! When will they figure out a way to keep business units from canibalizing other business units? I refuse to sell my customers UPS Freight, no matter what the size of the opportunity. I will sign them up for the best CWT teir and discount, and that is it. I am tired of UPS Freight stealing revenue from ISRs!
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    well I'm new to this board and still learning, but what is CWT? And from what I am lead to believe through gossip I have heard, that UPS's sales force is also selling for the freight division... not sure if that is true or not since we do have our own sales force..

    what is CWT?
  3. over9five

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    CWT is hundred-weight.

    What is ISR?

    Game, are you an AE?
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    That's ok we will survive, they have survived for 80 years with out your help.
  5. dave_socal

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    99 years Right
  6. Phil082

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    UPS 99yrs

    OVNT/UPSF 80yrs
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    dont bark so lound about conway
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    I signed up for this only to tell you how :censored2:ing stupid you are. Freight does not steal anything from inside sales. Freight is not interested in crappy, lightweight ,unprofitable shipments. Freight also doesn't use any of the same BD tools AKA no visibility (or interest) in SP accounts. You also need to consider that CWT is actually targeting LTL shippers who can do without a pallet.
  9. Buckethead

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    Soo... How does that make me stupid?

    Where did i say freight is stealing?

    The only thing i got wrong is the 80 year thing...

    But thanks for dusting this thread off, 9 years later.
  10. You do know this thread is almost 9 years old?
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    well, he posted yesterday at 1 in the morning... maybe after a few drinks.
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    There were a lot of words in that post. Well written also, you can't write a masterpiece like that in one day
  14. Thanks for pointing that fact out.

    Now go post something in nothingness fluff part 2.
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