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    Hope everyone had a good day at work or whereever u was .
    I recently started this job on tuesday and theres this one dude in there that helped me with preload. He said he has been working there for about a month and hated it. Mostly because UPS still has not paid him for all his hours. He is yet to speak up to management and or complain. Just to be informed, how long does it take to recieve your first pay check? Probably they hold a months pay right? Any help would be great. thank you
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You should receive your first paycheck next Friday--not tomorrow, but the following Friday, for the hours that you worked this week.

    Tell your friend to speak up as they will most certainly not do his homework for him.
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    Hold a months pay? That'd be damn crazy. They hold the first week. And if he doesn't speak up, how will they know to fix it? I had a good amount of time messed up on my checks within the first couple of weeks. I didn't even realize till a whole day went missing from one of my checks. I started writing it down the moment I clock in and out and they see me do it. I don't think my time has been wrong since. Get a little packet "calender" and put it in a plastic bag with a pen so that your sweat doesn't ruin it. Use it everyday and check it against your paycheck everynight before payday on That way you can see how much it's off if it is before you go in to work the next day.
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    No. I got my first pay check the following week. Your buddy needs to say something. that is not right. Why would they withhold any pay? You did the work they have to pay you.
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    you should get it next friday if you just started, and ur friend should definately complain to management. i remember that my supervisor would tell me not to even clockout on friday until they gave me my paycheck.
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    thanks for all the advice guys. This job is seeming pretty cool right about now. Everyone i met has been respectful. Hopefully this all remains in tact even through the rough times
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    Just remember your dealing with a huge company. Payroll problems do happen. It's up to you to keep your eye on it. Then inform your management.
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    This is purely a rhetorical question...but who the YOU KNOW WHAT is a preloader for UPS and actually goes a month without pay and doesn't throw a fit to end all fits???!! I'm I the ONLY preloader with such a fiery temper, management actually starts conversations with "now don't get mad but.."

    I mean REALLY...who does this job and waits a MONTH for pay....NO THANK YOU.
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    There is only one way to ressurect this problem.

    Let me preface this by saying, there is absolutely no point in throwing a fit. It is not always your direct supervisor or managers fault you did not get paid. Why create extra stress, when your job should be easy?

    Ok, here are the steps to handling pay issues.

    (1) goto a BA, steward, union rep. Inform them regarding the pay issue you've had. Stewards love these cases because it's open and closed, there's no fault on the union side
    (2) Get a grievance form, and file for (4) hours work for every week they did not pay you from when you originally notified management of the non-payment
    (3) bring a copy of this to management, a copy to HR, a copy to your steward or rep

    This will undoubtably light a fire under their :censored2:. Thus far the co-worker is probably owned 8-12 hours of grievance time, nevermind the 50-80 hours of pay or whaetver has accumulated. The grievance should kick UPS into high gear regarding the pay.
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    Are you sure your working at UPS:confused2:?