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    Ive been working for UPS for a couple years now as a preloader in the AM at a small warehouse. We dont get a weekly schedule and are notified if/when we work the next day, usually find out around noon, sometimes later 5-7pm, and then sometimes very late 8-11. My question is, is there a time frame where I am not expected to have to work? finding out i am needed so late doesnt seem like enough notice. any thoughts?
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    Talk with a steward. The company , at least in our region, is required to post the following weeks schedule one week in advance. Many times the union sleeps on enforcing this, especially around peak (obviously) but even otherwise. Again get with your union reps and help fix this problem.
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    I thought it was 24 hours or something. Ash human resources. They are really nice people who are (usually) there to help. Your morning secretary/OMS clerk should know the number.
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    Sleeve is right. Depending on where you are, your schedule should be posted by 9 am on Friday for the following week. (This is how it is in our region, scheduled hours for the next week have to be posted by the end of your shift on Friday.)
  5. When I worked at the UPS in Cleveland, the following weeks start times had to be posted the previous Friday.
    Now at the bottom of the seniority list in a small UPS in Maine, they tell us the day before. And if you are "on the bubble" as they call it here like I am, sometimes you get a call at 3 or 4 in the morning. Let me tell you how much my wife likes those early morning calls!!
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    Again a easy fix, let your steward know what's going on. call union hall.
    hey should be posted friday morning before you leave.