UPS Supervisors Working: Contract Change?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by superteeth, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. I have heard a rumor in the building that I work in that we are not able to file supervisors working grievances anymore. Some say that management said this, and others say that the union steward of the building said this. Now, this sounds rather unbelievable to me. As far as I know, nothing can be changed about the contract until it expires in July 2013. Is it possible that a rider, addendum, or supplement of some sort is being applied to the region that I work in? Is it possible for parts of the contract to be changed before expiration? Thank You for any responses.
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    your kidding right ??
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    Troll ?
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    Big troll
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    I don't think the OP is a troll. He is using terminology that tells me he knows what he is talking about. He even expresses doubt that this can happen. I would hope that he comes back to give us more details as to what is happening in his hub.
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    Unless you see it in writing that exactly what it is a RUMOR.

    Do you believe everything better yet anything management tells you.
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    If its not on paper ....... It never happened!!
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    No that is not true. File every time.

    First of all, no one can tell you what you can and cannot file on.The Stewards can tell you they think you will lose or that the grievance has no contractual merit, but if you tell them to file it and they refuse that can be considered improper representation. If you feel the need to file a grievamce do it.
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    To file a Grievance, all you have to do is write your name, where you work, details of the issue, making sure you write somewhere in there that this letter is to be considered a grievance, and just send it certified sig, required to your BA.
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    The first couple of responses were very disappointing, but thank you to everyone who provided serious answers. No, I am not a troll, and no, I obviously do not believe everything management tells me. I told the people that told me this that there was no way in Hell that something so important to the UPS National Master Agreement would be changed mid-contract, and that such a change could only happen with the ratification of a new contract. So, to be clear, there is no way that this could be the case, correct? I am guessing that management could get in trouble for even suggesting such things to people who are attempting to file a supervisors working grievance. I am going to challenge management tomorrow and see if they back down with that lie. Thank You again to everyone who provided (serious) answers.
  11. UPSGUY72

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    Management can and will tell you what ever they want. It's up to you to know the contract and protect yourself and your brothers and sisters from dishonest SUP's that only want to make themselves look better on paper.
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    So management can be dishonest about the contract that UPS corporate agreed to in "good faith"? I will make damn sure that everyone in my building knows that management is lying about supervisors working grievances.
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    Article 3 section 7 Supervisors supervise workers work anything else is horse pucky.
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    They are taught that they are only breaking the rules if someone says and or does something about other wise they saving the company money and making themselves look good on paper.
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    In addition to Article 3, Section 7 in the National Master, your Supplement probably also has language prohibiting Supervisors from working. This is a very fundamental issue. It's inconcievable that the language would be removed from the Contract. (Ignored yes, removed no.) If a Union or Company official told you grievances can't be filed, and they did it to stop you from filing, that's an Unfair Labor Practice and charges should be filed with the National Labor Relations Board, in addition to handling it through your Local.

    For the record, the Contract can be changed mid-term if both parties agree to the change.

    Sometimes the changes are authorized in advance by the Contract itself. As when the Contract allows the 9.5 Committee to write new (watered-down) rules concerning over 9.5 grievance procedures.

    Other times changes must be ratified by a member vote.

    The entire Contract can also be disolved early and replaced with a new Contract as was done in 2007.
  16. superteeth

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    So has anyone heard of the language for any supplement being changed to allow for supervisors working in any region? I am a part of local 657, and as far as I know the supplement's language has not been changed to allow for supervisors working, but I could be wrong. Like I said, I did not think that something so crucial would be changed without us being informed about it (nor did I believe that something so important would be changed at all). Thank You.
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    There is no such change.
    The Teamsters would never agree to that.
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    What he said?
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    you heard it tell us where you heard or seen this what location what local WHERE WHERE WHERE? GIVE US THE NUMBER TOO YOUR LOCAL ILL ASK?