UPS, Teamsters Extend Labor Negotiations to Finish Side Accords


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UPS, Teamsters Extend Labor Negotiations to Finish Side Accords - Bloomberg Quint

United Parcel Service Inc. and the Teamsters agreed to extend their current labor contract past its July 31 expiration to wrap up 38 supplemental accords with locals, the union said.

The extension doesn’t have an end date, but negotiators expect to conclude all talks within two months, said Denis T, co-chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee. Company and union officials reached a tentative master agreement about three weeks ago.

Sealing the labor contract and averting a strike is crucial for UPS’s efforts to compete with FedEx Corp., which uses ground-delivery drivers who aren’t unionized. UPS workers last went on strike in 1997. The Atlanta-based courier is the third-largest private employer in the U.S., behind Walmart Inc. and Inc.


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Speaking from an outsider's perspective it would appear that the IBT has asked for an extension for the purpose of giving it time to go around and put out all the fires at just about every local in a manner that would appear to be more representative of the company's interests than that of it's own membership. it would appear that it's focus is getting you guys to eat a deal simply because it doesn't want to have to go back and start work on a new one.