UPS, The Future Has Arrived!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Jul 9, 2003.

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    there is already another code used by us which is the upscode
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    Are you talking about the MaxiCode? This is an internal code within UPS for the Smart Label and from what I hear hasn't proved to be what it was hoped for especially getting the customer to use it. RF has the ability to not only house vast amounts of info, more then the maxicode, but can also be changed on the fly without touching the package. To change a maxicode you'd have to create another label entirely. Maxicode was a benefit more for UPS than the customer but with RF everyone wins and this is why the drive towards it.
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    I wonder if a commercial enterprise could some day park in front of your house and tell what is inside your home like tv sets, radios, booze,automobile tires, etc....... by using a receiver like the business would have.
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    They may just implant those chips in our uniforms and track us....oh no Big Brown Brother is watching us!!!
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    You don't think all those donuts at PCM are from the generosity of the center manager's heart do you? And you just thought that was thick glazing![​IMG]