UPSers for Obama

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dunderchief, Jun 23, 2007.

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    I believe your subject matter would be better served in the current events forum. Take care.
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    Yeah I'll support a candidate that voted on a bill that allows doctors to shove a needle into a new born baby's brain to kill it. And monkeys might fly out of my butt. I'd vote for Clinton (when Hell freezes over) before I'd vote for Obama. But yeah...the current events arena is where this belongs.
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    who??? osama??
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    I will never support a socialist for president... The new republican party is the old democratic party and the new democratic party is fringing on socialism...

    Never...That guy is a friggen blowhard.
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    "I have started a group at..."

    You are a sick person. Please get yourself some help.
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    I am forming a new group and it should be fun. It's called

    "Meatballs For Mama"

    Come join us at

    ROLL ON !!!!
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    You can count me in! Sounds yummy!
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    osama obamah zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Never has someone less qualified run for president.
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    I wouldn't go that far but I understand your point.

    Ashame we don't have the courage to vote someone like Pat Paulson in as President. Where did Pat stand on many issues? Here are some quotes from him that may not get your vote but by-God should get your laugh. That first one just kills me!


    "All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian"

    "Why should we tell kidnappers,murderers and embezzlers their rights?If they don't know their rights,they shouldn't be in the business."

    "A good many people feel that our present draft laws are unjust.These people are called soldiers."

    "Sex doesn't have to be taught.It's something most of us are born with."

    When originally "denying" he was running, borrowing from General William Sherman in 1884: "I will not run if nominated, and if elected I will not serve."

    Presidential Campaign Slogan: "I've upped my standards. Now, up yours."

    Presidential Campaign Slogan: "If elected, I will win."

    "I am neither left wing nor right wing. I am middle-of-the-bird."

    "Marijuanna should be licensed and kept out of the hands of teenagers. It's too good for them."

    When asked if he believes in the Right to bear arms: "No, I believe in the right to arm bears."

    "I feel proud to be living in a country where people are not afraid to laugh at themselves and where political satire is tolerated by the government, if not the television network."

    On network censorship: "Censorship does not interfere with the Constitutional rights of every American to sit alone in a dark room in the nude and cuss. There are realistic taboos, especially regarding political comments. Our leaders were not elected to be tittered at. For example, we're not allowed to make fun of President Johnson. But if we praise him, who would believe it?"

    RIP Pat and thanks for making us not take ourselves so serious from time to time.
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    Unless it is aimed at Management. After all, who would expect members of a socialist organization (such as a labor union) to vote for someone who broke from the Democratic party to vote for the rule exception favoring Sen. Coburn (R-OK)? Someone who voted against confiscating legally-owned guns from the populace at disaster scenes?

    I'm having trouble finding which bill this was, so I can't find the vote info. Which way did he vote?
    A nurse who works in an urban Emergency Room told me about the things people put in there. Monkeys? That's sick.

    Either I misunderestimate your political leanings, or you do not know where Hilarity and Barack differ politically. I would have thought you more likely to vote for the more conservative of those two, based on their past records.

    Of course, Obama's vote for the border fence might have offended you.

    If you mean length of service in the Washington political machine, Barack Obama is way behind - even behind Fred Thompson, who is trying to present the image of a Washington Outsider. (From what I can see, those two are about dead even in the image-over-substance category.)
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    He voted in favor of a bill that would not only allow abortions but also allow doctors to perform an "afterbirth abortion." I posted the link about this a while back. It was a list of things he has supported.

    Trust me...I know enough about them. And why would I be offended by a border fence? I've stated many times I'm in favor of it. It is the first thing that should be done before anything else the senate is debating over pertaining to immigration. My wife wouldn't be here if there was a good border fence but even illegal aliens recognize the need for it because ANYONE can come in. Not just people looking for work. But back on the the subject of Obama....I say NO WAY!
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    you are Funny!!!!
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    !!497 days and 5 hours until election day 2008!!

    A Bush or a Clinton has been on the ticket for 28 years straight. 28 years.

    80: Bush
    84: Bush
    88: Bush
    92: Clinton & Bush
    96: Clinton
    00: Bush
    04: Bush
    08: Clinton
    12: Clinton & Bush?

    It's time to move on. Osama, with his total lack of experience, is a puppet that was created by the Liberal Press to take attention away from the tactless and socially awkward Mrs. Clinton. Who is passe'. And who is taking up space. And who has already had "their" turn. And who will never be popular. And who should realize that this country is suffering from Bush and Clinton fatigue. Besides the fact that nobody in their right mind likes her.

    The stage is now open to Edwards, Richardson, Giuliani, McCain,Thompson, and the rest, and Log Legs needs to step down.

    Obama's political résumé consists of his "great strength." He was an attorney and a law professor. You think two years in the senate is enough to tackle the war in Iraq and and the current relationships with Iran and North Korea? He seems like a nice guy, but he's still a blank slate.

    Come back when you're serious!
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    I like what his first response was when he was aksed what should be done if we were attacked again. I've never seen someone so unprepared to answer a question like that before. He had no answers. No solution. Just like the Libs have no solution for the war now. But it doesn't matter anyway. Fred Thompson will win!
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    What a joke. Obama for president. Too many thai sticks or some other wacky weed floating around there.
    What would we do if attacked? and no answer for that??????
    Yea that will never happen.
    I thought that too, until 9/11.
    Maybe he wasnt aware of that small insignificant attack, and thought no one would ask?:w00t:
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    Gonna have to agree with you Tooner.

    He's nice, clean and articulate but as far as presidential material, NO WAY!!!:thumbdown
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    WAIT!!!! Everyone, cant you see this is just a sweet, little baby,aaaahhhh.(junior member,notice I didnt put cute in there). Hes fragile. Republicans you have to talk softly and nice to the little guy. Maybe he needs a bottle of Republican REP vitamin D milk to clear up his little misguided head. You cant blame him he was born that way. There, there. ( :