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    So you must be in 449? Unfortunately, the rest of us will no longer receive holiday pay that day. Kind of odd since it is same supplement- but glad you folks kept it. Eventually their will be no days off.
  2. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Easy tough guy- some full-timers went through same thing you are going through. Many realize the disparities. But think whatever you want to.
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    Don't forget the three-day-a-week part-time deal...
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    What'dyabringmetoday??? Well-Known Member

    Why do you hate the people that once paid your way?
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    You lost holiday pay on Black Friday while virtually everyone else nationwide kept it?

    Your negotiators suck.
  6. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Most of us did. One local kept it. But they still operate that day- and it is not "voluntary". (Know what I mean?) lol
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    There will never be a 50% turnout. Pters are over 50% and do not vote. A vote anywhere would need near 100 driver turnout plus a significant pt vote. Will never happen. The rule is bs.
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    The leaders are weak for the membership. Thanks for pointing that out
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    Who cares. The ones who did vote. Gets to decide. If you don't vote you can't complain when others sent in their votes. The UNION just took that away from everyone. Now they can just write anything up. Send it out. Then say here is the new contract. The UNION sold out for the millions of UPS cash to survive. Democracy is no more for membership. Watch. Other unions will follow suit. The teamsters set up president for other I kind to tag on to.
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    I am
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    The rest of our locals got one extra rover for it. With our arbitration decision, it was worth 2 to us. Since they didn't want to give us 2, we kept it as a holiday.
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    @BigUnionGuy This is the issue, right here. Should be a majority rules. If you want something changed then vote. You don't vote, can't complain what those who did take the time to form an opinion and voted choose.

    The current system is set up for the IBT president to have the final call, not those who voted. That is wrong in my opinion.
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    Yeah, that too. The gift that keeps on giving
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    I believe the term “the fix is in” was used at some point along the way during this whole fiasco. This post explains what that means.
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    clam chowder :censored2:ers
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    Exactly. It should be worth 2 for anyone that got double time previously.
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    We have to change the rules if we don't like them. Now the people in national know the rules if they don't vote they eat crow. I hate it but sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. National was only a few thousand vote short of 50%. I don't blame pters it's the full time employee that should vote 100% and educate fellow employees. Most full-time employees eat good and make great money.
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  19. Old Man Jingles

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    Exactly what I thought when I saw you were posting in it. :wink-very:
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    And it is set up that way for a reason.

    We elected to join the IBT and to have them represent us and negotiate a contract on our behalf. This is why they represent us. We asked them to.

    They should negotiate the best contract that they think they can get, for our benefit.

    Whether this happened this time is up for debate, but the rules on voting are in place to keep a minority of the voting membership from overruling the IBT, who we elected to bargain for us.

    If we don't like what they negotiated for us, then vote them, or the whole Union, out, and put someone, or something in place, that will represent us.

    I doubt we can get the votes for that, though.