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    I was a part time employee for about 8 years. U.P.S. is only giving me credit for half of those years (4 YRS) towards vacation entitlements. Is there anybody else who has had part time years cut in half when promoted to full time.Section 18 Vacations does not mention anything about part time employees having years of service cut in half when promoted to full time.
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    I think it's like the pension. How if you work 8 years p/t its credited towards only 4 years f/t
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    You should have a seniority date. (The day you got into the union) Vacations are bid by seniority. There should be a list somewhere that you can look at. I would ask your shop steward this same question. You don't lose years! Fight it know!
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    True,I have seen part time sups with 10 years go full time driving.Their seniority for everything except vacation is the day they made driving union book.They pick vacations based on their years with the company.To answer the original post:regardless of when you went full time your date is the 1st day you worked for the company.Pick your vacation based on that date.
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    I was PT 7 years before I was FT. After 15 years I now get my 4th week. You should keep your vacation seniority form the day you start with the company
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    you get the amout of vacation time that is owed to you. 8 years is still only 2 don't get a third one until 10 years of service. unfortunately your picks are now based off of your full time senority date and so you will end up as the lower man on the pole.
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    Here in 804 you get 3 weeks at 5 years and 4 at 15.That 5 to 15 was a long haul.His seniority date should be the 1st day he started unless he started as mgmt,then your response would be correct.
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    His seniority date should be the 1st day he started unless he started as mgmt,then your response would be correct.[/quote]

    also if he/she started as a part timer.

    time with company = amount of vacation time
    time at position = when vacations are picked based on senority

    if you do part time for 5 years and then go to full time you will be granted your allotted time of service vactions. however you will now choose based on your full time senority date and not your hire date.
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    west coast. northwest. 3 weeks after two years. Plus 5 option days ... 4 weeks total after 2 years.

    2 weeks vacation
    1 option week vacation
    5 option days.

    additional week kicks in at 5 years or something like that.

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    I'm in the NorthEast
    I was a sorter for three years
    Became a PT sup for 2 and a half years
    Then drove fulltime for 8 years
    You're vacations are based on when you first started at UPS
    During my supervisor years, I repaid my dues because I didnt get a withdrawal card at the hall
    The union and UPS recognizes my date from 2/95 based on my hire date
    I've never heard of 8 years turning into 4 unless we are are talking of pension credit
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    It`s amazing at all the different answers. At our center, vacation is based on your seniority date. If you`re a casual driver, when you gain seniority, that`s the date you start to accrue vacation. If you started as a part timer then your PT seniority date is the starting point. Here ALL parttime years count as whole years towards vacation. You should check with your steward and also call the BA. Do NOT take management`s word on this subject. Good luck