WalMart Vs. Nordstrom

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    A lot of people have made the valid comparison between WalMart and FedEx. Both are anti-union, anti-employee, and notoriously cheap, low-paying employers. Lately, Fred Smith has been largely successful in his never-ending campaign to make FedEx "WalMart on Wheels". However, this really only applies to FedEx Ground, because the level of service Ground supplies is only adequate for the type of people who patronize WalMart. Low prices, indifferent service, and poorly-educated, low-information employees suffice because low costs are all that really matters in this business model.

    Now, let's bring Nordstrom (or Neiman-Marcus) into the discussion. These companies are analogous to FedEx Express, because they provide high-cost goods and services and rely on competent, well-trained, motivated, and well-paid employees to satisfy their demanding customer base. However, Mr. Smith seems to think that WalMart-level service and WalMart-level employees are good enough when customers are paying huge money to use FedEx Express. So far, it's been a miserable failure.

    When you pay a premium cost for a product, you have a right to expect superior service. Sorry, but FedEx Express is not providing it. Fred Smith, cheap bastard that he is, hopes that customers won't notice the difference as he guts the Express brand. Sorry, Fred, but it's pretty apparent that they DO notice.

    When a shabbily-attired FedEx Express employee delivers your package is noticed. It is also noticed when that same employee is incapable of solving your shipping issues, either because they are unqualified, poorly-trained, or, more likely...that they simply no longer care. Because they cannot handle your concerns, you are handed-off to an offshore Call Center, where an even more unqualified and unconcerned employee "handles" your problem (makes it worse).

    None of this would ever be tolerated at Nordstrom or Neiman, but Fred thinks that it will be just fine at FedEx Express. Why? Because it doesn't make a difference if a people or a professional delivers and/or picks-up your vital Express package. To him, Express and Ground employees are interchangeable. Both drive trucks, deliver packages, and service the customer, so they're the same, right? Wrong. Mr. Smith.

    When it costs $100 or more to ship a 10-pund box from one coast to another, or 2 to 3 times more than that internationally, customers expect a superior experience. Mr. Smith has decided that is no longer necessary, so he'll happily charge you the same money, but provide an inferior alternative service to the customer. And he, (Mr. Smith) will happily pocket the difference.

    FedEx Express is rapidly becoming FedEx Ground, and Fred thinks nobody is even paying attention. They are, Freddy, and lousy service at a premium price is the recipe for massive failure. This Christmas season will finally prove this fact to many FedEx customers. Eff you, Fred.
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    The biggest problem I see is that the customers don't really see what's going on. I changed one of my rural customers today from FO to PO. I explained that FO was really 2 day service. We attempt the package before the destination time. It comes back and sits on a shelf for the pm driver that never takes it out. Then it gets sent out the next day as a p2.