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  1. drewed

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    need to come together, its bull**** to say hourlies do all the work just like its bull**** to UPS would survive without them. Everyones worried about what the future holds...but the future is coming either way so chin up, lead face first into the storm youll see whats coming. The spirit of this group (in my belief) is to support, we all need to support eachother instead of causing more strife then there already is.
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    I agree 100%. Now meet me half way to Illinois and I`ll give you a hug:happy2:
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    Did someone have a bad day?
  4. drewed

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    Hell if im going halfway....Im going all the way in the fall to catch a bears game!
  5. drewed

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    No bad days DS just tired of people bickering with eachother on here, people got to remember the people on the other side of the table (or comp screen) are in the exact same shoes (for the most part)
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    DREWED....you're my hero.
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    Don`t tease him. He`s finally discovering his feminine side.
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    Mega dittos:peaceful:
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    Good post DREWED, If we focus on the positive, it shows to our customers and it makes it easier to go through the day. We are all in it together.
  10. Fnix

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    No matter what happens inside I try not to let anyone else see it. As someone else posted here "UPS is like an Iceberg, only the tip shows" I like to make that tip show the best of us.
  11. DownsizedUPS'er

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    BROVO!!!! excellent post.
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    Isn`t that the trademarked slogan for the National Association of Rabbis?
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    OUCH !!
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    Sick stuff :happy-very:
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    I want to do everything I can do to make sure the company has success whether being perfect service or working safe and working the best i can work.

    What makes us stay apart is managements constant belief that our best is not good enough and that the binding words of the contract we both agreed to are stepped on repeatedly on a daily basis. Im not saying all management is like that but for the most part it is true. I hate the feeling that I get at times, how is management going to screw me today. I don't get it everyday or every other but enough to always question what my supervisor's intentions are.

    Thus there can be no together, until there is at least some sort of ethical improvement on management otherwise there is always going to be union and non-union.

    Before you say what about union guys who slack off. I hope they get their just due. With the new technology being implemented and new techniques to make sure hourlies are doing their job the way they're instructed they too will have to ethically improve as well.
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    thats a big 10-4 !!
  17. UnsurePost

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    Oh to be that naive yet know-all 20 years old again...
  18. dannyboy

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    Problem with your suggestion is that with everything peachy and roses on this site, with no disagreements or discussions of things real world that are not so peachy, is that it would soon wither.

    This site was created for UPSers mainly.

    Yeah there are some other people that visit, some even post. But mostly it is those with brown blood.

    As such, we are a very diverse group, with many years of varied experiences. Some not as good as others.

    It helps to know there are others going through trials and tribulations when it seems no one at your center gives a crap that you have not been to work in three weeks because you got suspended.

    For better or worse, sometimes a good heated discussion between different paths of thought makes for an informative read.

    So while it would be nice to see peace world wide, and no strife at UPS, I dont see it ever happening.

    And this site was created with the intent of the open discussion of the whole of of what is UPS. Good and bad.

    One thing that is very clear to anyone that does come here is that like all other family, we might fuss amongst ourselves quite regularly, but let someone else attack one of our own and see the mood change. And that goes way beyond management/hourly relations.