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The ones that can’t hire 40 drivers and buy 80 delivery vans would be my assumption.
My guess is that Amazon, the same company that has been under so much scrutiny for firing people at will (including pregnant women) will likely also get rid of these people. And the fine print is where they’ll be directed when they try and demand their “reimbursement.”


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300K, an optimistic figure, for 40 vans is peanuts. $7500 per route/year? Good luck keeping drivers for the low wages you're going to have to pay. A modest bump in fuel prices wipes out 50% of your profit. 40 vans running 50 miles a day, 5 days a week/entire year 40X50X5X52 is 520K miles. Avg mpg for sprinter is 14mpg. Thats 37,142 gal of fuel. If the avg price of fuel rises .10 thats $3700 of your $7500 profit. Replacing/training drivers is expensive. All your volume comes from one shipper. What recourse do you have when they squeeze you on pay per package. Mantainence? Where is the training for the drivers coming from? Sounds like a giant trainwreck.

4.5 million gross, 300k profit. 6% margin. Not many are skilled enough to pull that off in perfect circumstances.