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    Hi I was wondering if the moderaters would add a section for us guys? The formerely Menlo now ups cartage drivers. I see overnite/ups freight has a section. We are always overlooked people dont even seem to know about us. I would like to chat with other folks who were menlo but now are upsers. I doubt it will happen but you cant blame me for asking:)
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    I'm sorry I'm still trying to figure out what it is that you guys do... I saw the article in the Teamster magazine and I've been trying to figure out since...
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    Sometimes I deliver EAMs to a UPS Cartage building down the street from my Hub. I'm not sure exactly what they do, but I work near the airport and noticed they had a lot of large freight on the dock addressed to places all over the world. They also joined Local 728 last year. I also go to a Supply Chain Solutions building. I think a Forum for the other UPS divisions is a good idea, its probably up to the Boss (Cheryl this site's Administator) on this idea.
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    I see one of your guys on my area running around in a rental truck.
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    I've been at the cartage on our property and it's alot and I mean alot of mail for the USPS. There truck's are in and out all day long!!!
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    Okay we used to be emery air freight red and green trucks bobtails part of cnf. Sometime in the early 90s they sold all the emery airlines planes to much to maintain them. Then they went to what i like to call rent a planes. Freight planes they paid to move our stuff. They sucked bad we used to not see our plane till 10 am if you were lucky you got off the dock by 11 and had to drive like hell to meet your am commitments. It got so bad they decided to rebrand us and call us menlo frieght forwarders, logistics, ocean etc. Then 3 years ago we came to work and were told ups bought us out. They built a big wall right down the center of the facility ups cartage on one side and supply chain on other side. Office folk who we worked with side by side as a team were now told they could not discuss business with us or vice versa. In the last year we have lost major major business. I barley do 10 stops a day. Some suit came in and said uhhh we made a mistake and the next thing I know they tore the wall down and made us one company again. took all the locks off the doors etc.

    What we do we move 150lbs and up pallets for industry military etc. mostly 25 foot bobtails with a few tractor trailers in the mix. Am, 2 day, defferred, and internaitional freight. We used to move a lot for gm plants but fed ex freight took all that from us. We joined our local union and it helped some we now get lunches but dont hardly have any customers when we were emery/menlo we had tons of work and worked months on end with no luch but did get paid for that time. Now I stare out the windsheild all day and hope things pickup someday cause I got a huge mortgage to pay and wonder if I will be out of a job soon Im 9th on a list of 17 drivers.
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    I see the menlo guy a lot in my area.They seem to specialize in the skidded overweight time sensitive freight...he said in
    the beginning he had to be retained for wimmis on his own time...he`s mellowed out a bit since then
  8. wizard

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    what does retained for wimmis on his own time mean?
  9. DS

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    sorry for the smelling mistake....retrained on wimmis...
    to be up to ups standards...certified
  10. wizard

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    okay then what is wimmis??
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    I am a UPS Cartage/Menlo employee, actually I am now in Small package, I was a clerical person, we did all the paperwork in the office, we were told our jobs were being given to SCS, and if we still wanted to continue to work we had to go to small package, I was a 16 year clerical person and now was forced to take a job, work crazy hours and of all things drive a truck. I am in a combo position. I work the pre-load in the small sort than I deliver the next day air. Now about 2 month ago we were told that we are going back to our old jobs at Menlo/Cartage. I cant wait !!! But I did hear that alot of business has been lost.
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    When you say you are a Menlo employee but you deliver next air I get a little confused. Are you a driver for UPS (brown trucks) or not?
  13. I believe he/she was saying that they used to work for menlo, was displaced after UPS "integrated" menlo into their workforce and is now working in a package operation because their job was done away with for a time. Now they are going back to where they were because the job they used to have is available again. Sounds to me while in the package operation they had a popular combo job (preload/air driver) to make up for the loss of their full time clerical job when they worked at menlo. :)
  14. wizard

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    Yeah its that wall that they built at our place that divided the companies ups cartage on one side scs on the other. Before it was all one operation with menlo. Our superivisors supervisor came down and said umm the company made a mistake by dividing things up. So now they have made it back into one freight operation thats why some of them folks who were displaced got their old jobs back in the office. It happened at my station also. So Moderators do ya think we could have our own section ??? Please :)
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    I was a Menlo clerical worker, Yes I am now a driver for Brown, uniform and all. I dont like it at all, I was able to keep my original pay from Menlo while doing the combo job, And did get the ground rate if I ever did ground, I never liked the job at all, And while most of you like the Job you applied for I didnt apply to work at small package I applied for a job at Emery airfreight that became Menlo Than UPS purchased Menlo and said we dont need the clerical staff anymore and gave our jobs to non-union SCS. dont know how that happened but it did, Now more than A year later we are going back, still now sure how that happened but it did, and that im happy for.So I will still be at small package for a few more weeks I am looking forward to seeing my old co-workers and getting my job that I am trained for back !!
  16. yeah it always sucks getting thrown into a situation you aren't trained for and then expected to perform. When I got there they gave me my trucks (preloader) and said have at it....it was quite interesting lemme tell you :thumbup1:
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    hey westside, are you a Menlo/Emery/CSI person...
    what offcie ? im from JFK Gateway...
  18. haha no I'm a package operations employee out of the Worcester Hub (actually in Shrewsbury, MA). I was just mentioning I had a good idea of how you felt based on my experience when I was first hired into it, I received little or no training and was expected to just pick it up, I did eventually, but it wasn't easy. I can't imagine how it must be to be taken out of the familiar and thrown into "the jungle" that is operations.
  19. Dixie Doll

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    Question for Menlo guys,

    What rumors have you heard about UPS closing the Menlo hubs - 6 I think??
  20. RockyRogue

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    I'm on the Small Package side of UPS. If UPS gave the order to close the Menlo hub at Dayton, I think the others won't be far behind. -Rocky