What are the cardinal sins that will get you permanently fired?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ipopsheep, May 13, 2019.

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    They can see his attitude on camera
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    Slow down.

    Who wants you to quit?
    So you're saying the union and the company are aware of what happen?
    Has HR spoken with you? Have you spoken with your Buisness Agent?
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    i am fired right now
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    Must be why UPS is doing so well all of a sudden.
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    i was going to give you a good compliment today and you post this gibberish
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    Yes, a union walked up while it was going on then the lp or the security guy whoever sits in that security office came and said come with me took my id asked me a few questions to write a statement and then gave me an ultimatum but the union guy answered fast and said I’m not resigning. BA? Honesty I’m just lost because this is the first time dealing with the union and lp and even getting in trouble for anything I never had any write ups or problems
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    No one spoke to me but the union and the lp guy the union basically wanted to just talk it out right there but the lp guy was so sure he just wanted it to go panel and walked me out
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    If anything still doesn’t make sense to you, feel free to ask all the questions because you’re probably just trying to gain understanding to help me out and I’m trying to get help because I’m lost myself
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    1. find you your locals phone number

    2. Call it ask to speak to the business agent in charge of whatever facility you work at

    3. Tell him your story

    4. Listen to what he says

    Is this really this difficult
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    It’s not difficult I just didn’t know all of this
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    For what?
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    lies. There are no bloods or crips in oakland
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    Drinking on the job stealing and punching someone in the face will get u permanently fired but i have to say I’ve seen two drivers come VERY close to putting hands on each other right in front of the whole center including the MNGR and neither one of them got in any trouble. Believe it or not it was the mngr who pushed them apart he said knock it off or I’m gonna walk u both outta here. He was a down to earth guy
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    Good Points...
    I would add "tolerance" because you're not there "for good reason" and that little PT Sup has to ensure it happens.

    If he was a jacko in the past, here's his payday.....
    If he's decent, you work it out.
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    Stealing time. i.e. taking 10 to 30 minute naps on company time. I've seen that one happen a few times. Just code it off as meal and management wont care as long as the loads aren't "hot".
    Also have seen sleeper team get fired because they would wait until their scheduled departure time (2 to 3 hours every Friday) before bobtailing to their home base to finish work for the week. Which is a 30 minute drive.
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    As long as the supervisor likes you, you can pretty much do whatever you want to and still keep your job.
    Likewise, if they don't like you, then watch your back.
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    In my building, one of the long-time employees (he's been working there about 20 years) often jokes about how many times he's been fired and re-hired over the course of his UPS career.

    He said he was fired and re-hired three times, but he doesn't say what he did that got him into trouble.
    If I had to guess, I'd say it probably was arguing/talking back/running his mouth, etc. to a supervisor because he's a decent guy and isn't a thief or a dishonest person.

    Anyway, my point is that they are so desperate for workers that they'll hire ya back over & over again.
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    No, they are just stupid and fire people like your coworker without cause. The union gets their job back without even having to try because there wasn't a reason for him to be fired in the first place.