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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by steeltoe, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I just don't understand our company anymore. I use to work in the carwash. My job, along with 4 other people was to park the pre-load. At total of 5 people parking. Well, we use to hear the whole "too many hours" thing all the time. They even threatened a layoff. I use to park my lineup in roughly 3.75 to 4 hours. It was a good pace, but no where near killing myself. Finally I got sick of hearing the too many hours thing and myself, as well as 1 other parker, moved to a differrent department. We both have very high seniority. Maybe our payrate had something to do with it. Well, now, they have 6 people doing the same exact job as 5 did before and they are all getting 4.5 hours per night and 2 of them get overtime roughly 3 days a week. As a matter of fact, the job I use to do now consist of 2 people doing my job in about a total of 9 hours compard to my 4 hours. How in the world can they justify this horrible management? I understand the local sup might be an idiot, but somebody up high has to be counting beans somewhere?

    It infuriates me that I left the department due to bad management and it seems to be even worse. Don't even think I would bring this up to management. If I did, I am labeled a trouble maker for trying to help. It drives me crazy. When I was working the shift before, we lost one of our employee's. My self as well as the other guy that ended up leaving sat down with management and informed them we could handle the missing guys work and complete our work as well as his in about 4.5 to 5 hours. This would save the company roughly 12.5 hours per week and they would not have to pay insurance for a new employee. Well guess what, the next Monday, we had a new person filliong in for the missing guy. Are you kidding me?
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    It is not our job to understand or care. I am very happy at UPS because I don't care. If I cared I would be so stressed out. I see waste and incompetence daily but I don't let it bother me at all. It's not my problem.

    I rarely speak to a center manager (only if he speaks to me first), never speak to anyone above center manager, and only rarely speak to on car sups (only to get basic instructions of what to do next). I think I'm one of the happiest people here. I like it here. I just worry about what it is that I am to do and don't care about anything else. I think that's the attitude you need in order to survive UPS happily until retirement.
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    Sort of like...go with the flow:happy2: and once you really get it, you don't even know there is a flow. :happy-very:
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    Kind of like getting splits on the new system.... 1 driver gets Main st the split gets all the dead end side streets off of Main st..... I pointed this kind of thing out to our dispatch guy and he talked to me like I was trying to play games. So now we get the splits and wave at each other as we drive by

    But dont worry we only take right hand turns......:smart:
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    Yeah, so we lay off 10 drivers, overload the 80 working drivers and make them work 10+hours a day. Then they have to pay out on all the 9.5 greivances...seens cheaper to keep us in and have everyone work fewer hours and less overtime. I think not caring is the way to go...little by little, im heading towards that direction.